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Nakoreya Roberson, the VISIONARY behind NakoEXPO, a future billion dollar empire that serves as a launch pad for multiple businesses and dreams. At 21 years of age, Nakoreya better known as NAKO launched her company in the year of 2015. She uses family roots and experience to assist others in discovering purpose and stepping out on faith. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Nakoreya comes from humble beginnings at a young age she knew she was destined to change the world and become a mogul. The VISION behind NakoEXPO is to change the world one dream at a time. NakoEXPO first business venture is NakoEXPO publishing house.

In January of 2015, Nako the AUTHOR published her first book under David Weaver Presents, The Connect’s Wife series went on to sell over fifty thousand copies in its first six months of being released. After several successful releases, NAKO saw fit to use the gift of writing in the area of publishing. To date Nako has released ten books on Amazon, The Connect’s Wife series, The Chanel Cavette Story, If We Ruled the World and Love in the Ghetto. With plans to change the game in 2016, Nakoreya tells her readers that she is just getting started.

Nako the STUDENT attends Jackson State University majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Media Production and a minor in Political Science and Spanish. Nako has thoroughly enjoyed her matriculation at the Historically Black University, she has been involved in several organizations but her greatest accomplishment during her collegiate years was creating the mentoriship program, Molding Girls into Jacksonian Woman, where she challenged freshmen girls to discover poise, style and grace while attending Jackson State University. What started off a small committee with less than twenty-five members is now an illustrious organization with more than three hundred plus members. Although, Nako has stepped downto pursue other aspirations she still holds Essence of a Lady Tiger near and dear to her heart.

Nako the BLOGER, Nako began blogging in the year of 2013. She used blogging as an outlet to share her personal experiences with females in the age group eighteen through twenty-five. Subjects such as purpose, cooking, religion and relationships were all touched by Nako. Nako took a break from blogging to focus on writing fiction books but will relaunch her blogging career on her website in 2016.

Nako believes that lives are destined to be changed through NakoEXPO, she descirbes her platform as a launch pad for women. An advocate for dreamers and Queens, Nako is a lover of strong women and empowerment. She vows to do all that she can to make the impossible possible. Living her life off of firm bibilcial values and keeping God first is the only way that Nako believes that she can strive for greatness. She gives credit to her church home, Relevant Empowerment Church located in Jackson, Ms.