A PURPOSE is on the inside of YOU.

God has called me to be great; God has also called YOU to be great. God has chosen YOU for a specific purpose. It may be hard to believe. You’re probably saying to yourself I don’t have any hobbies or goals… I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I believe that passion goes hand in hand with purpose. Your passion is what you keep you up at night… it took me YEARS to realize that my passion is not LAW. My pastor had to say it a couple of times at church for the light bulb to click in my head that he was talking to me. My passion is not to look at contracts all day. My passion is the community, its philanthropy, its giving back, its decreasing pregnancy and dropout rates. It is helping children apply to colleges, its mentoring young girls. It’s being a big sister to someone, sharing my testimony to a person. My passion keeps me up at night andit’s fueling my drive. My passion is private (MATTHEW 6 NLT) my passion is not on Instagram or Twitter. Nor is it broadcasted because it is sacred to me. I don’t like to talk about my passion because everyone will not share your VISION (HABBAKUK 2:2, JEREMIAH 29:11) Your purpose has to be revealed by GOD, and it may not come in a deep voice in the middle of the night. I discovered my purpose through my passion. I believe that God will use me to help others. Blessing others is how I measure success. If my neighbor is successful then I am successful because I am CONNECTED to her/him. God is opening doors in this season, pray about the things you need done in your life. Ask God to place His purpose for your life in your path, in your dreams. He will do it! I encourage every reader who is lost and confused about their future, who doesn’t know if they are wasting their time in school to pray, if you need to hear from God immediately then began to fast (MATTHEW 6:16-18)  trust in HIM !