GENTLEWOMAN… is the hype about the book real?

Reading is the best thing in the world to me. It’s where I find peace, contentment, joy and happiness. I love to read, when you read actively you will discover that a lot of things don’t matter. I am currently obsessed with GENTLEWOMAN. I strive to be a GENTLEWOMAN. I’m aiming to be a woman of high caliber that people don’t even mention the old me. This book is by far one of the best books I have ever read in my life. As an avid reader on average I can read two or three books a day, sometimes in a few hours if I have nothing other to do. Gentlewoman written by Enitan Beraola is a comprehensive guide to becoming the woman that you strive to become.   With detailed chapters about dress code, the meaning behind the Little Black Dress and a break down of wine, this book has everything a girl transitioning into a woman needs. I thoroguhouyl enjoyed the book, so much that I have a copy in my car and home. For safe keeping. Matter of fact, I will be gifting Gentlewoman books for Christmas this year. Gentlewoman encourages its toevaluate theircurrent mindset.  The author challenges  you to get mad at some of the things he’s writing because he know its true and so do you! Gentlewoman isthe purchase now on Amazon you wont be disappointed!