1.     Don’t take advice from anyone but GOD, everyone will not always have your best interest at heart.

2.     Your passion is your purpose, what ignites the flame inside of you is your purpose. If you can perform an action without it feeling like a task or do something with joy without receiving an award. That is your PURPOSE.  In your personal time, meditate and reflect on JEREMIAH 29:11, HABBAKUK 2:2 NLT & MSG version.

3.     Enjoy your own time. It is okay to be by yourself, discover what makes you happy and smile without friends, mate, family, social networks, or television.

4.     Be content. Many people desire to change themselves for who they think they should be & sometimes change is good. But God made you in His image, be content and confident in the skin you are in. BUT BE HEALTHY!

5.     Have Faith. If you are currently in college to obtain a degree that pays well but will not make you happy then step out on faith. Happiness is more important than riches. Have faith that God will supply all your needs.

6.     Let Go. The hardest part of letting go of baggage and a dark past is LETTING GO. It takes 7 days to form a habit, and 6 weeks to break it. What are you waiting on?

7.     Acknowledge Your Worth; once you become confident in who you are. You will began to refuse to settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. I encourage you to write down what you like, what you want, and what you love. Those are your standard and qualities. Live by them and require any one who wants your attention and time to meet the standards and qualities on this list. It is okayto compromise! No one is perfect.

8.     Declare Success. Once you prayed about your purpose, discovered your purpose. Declare success over your life! Declare peace, patience, prosperity. Ask God to keep you humble. (Matthew 6 MSG) & don’t forget to tithe!

9.     It’s your PURPOSE. Never let anyone tell you that your purpose isn’t your purpose. That’s why you have to be careful about the company you keep and who you confide in!  every one does not want to see you doing better than them in life! 

10.  Live Your Life. Live your life, laugh every day, cry often as well its okay to cry it is healthy. Live your life, make memories to reflect on later down the road. Don’t make apologies for your actions, do what you want to do. Speak the truth, but let’s not be rude. Travel, keep good company around, be positive don’t entertain mess or gossip. Enjoy your life. you only live once!