Before I begin my rant, let me say this because I’m in a fantastic mood and this truly comes from the heart. I know it’s from the heart because I have been working tirelessly to finish book thirteen but this nagging feeling in my spirit was telling me to stop and blog. I easily get distracted whenever I find a new interest, blogging was my first love and I put it down to write books now I’m somewhat using my blog again to release my thoughts.


Karen Civil posted a picture this morning with a caption that included the title to a song. So as I always do when I see someone post a book, article, song lyric etc I do my research and OMG this song is the bomb!

Alive by Kehlani. It was like singing my life.

“Damn I feel alive”

Which is true because I literally feel alive. So happy, so peaceful, full of joy and content.

Everything is okay, things are progressing for me.

This morning when I woke up to begin my day I said my morning prayer asking God for blessings and more and more blessings. I went to check my email as I always do when I wake up and there were not one or two announcements from my publicist but a few so I was happy about that. As the day progressed, my boyfriend tells me that we need a #baecation this week being that he is far from Mr. Romance I was like “heyy okay baby”

My day continues to go smoothly and I signed my first author and her book isbanging.

So by this point, I am full of energy. I’m rapping “What a time to be alive” I’m just in a good place.

The day continues to go by and I ended up stopping to think about my life.

Yes, my life.

I am twenty-two years old and half of my goals are crossed out. these goals didn’t include financial gain and a new car, although I have received both of those this year. The key goals on my list were crossed out such as confidence, happiness and being content.

As a woman whose able to be honest with themself I can openly admit it took me a while to be okay in my own company. That’s an accomplishment for myself because  I became my best friend and at the end of the day, “I GOT ME”

My boyfriend laughs about it all the time because I’m pepping myself up daily.

Affirmations are all around me and they will stay that way until everything comes into fruition.

The word alive is defined as, having life;living; existing; not dead or lifeless.

Living (using for emphasis)

In a state of action; in a force or operation, active.

Full of energy and spirit; lively.

Having the quality of life;vivid; vibrant.

So today I’m posing the question what makes you feel ALIVE?

• What gets your day going?

• No matter what kind of mood you’re in what puts a smile on your face and makes you feel like it is all worth it?

• After you’ve placed that on your mind, let’s take things deeper.

•  Who are you?

• Where are you? no, not your address or your place of employment but where are you? are you in the same place you were in six months ago, or worse two years ago.

• Are you able to clearly identify your location?

• Have you grew?

Stagnant is defined as not flowing or running, inactive, sluggish, dull and characterized by lack of development, advancement or progressive movement.

 Am I allowed to be honest? Stagnant is a disease.

Can I please please please challenge you to move forward, Come on now you can do it!

Dreams are only dreams until you put action behind them.

This morning as I handled the required paperwork for my author, my boyfriend asked me, “YOU READY FOR THIS?”

And with an ounce of confidence I told him yes, the time was now.

The time is now. Man what a time to be alive! The song now has so much more meaning to me.

I challenge you to realign your steps and get them in order.

2016 is around the corner. Wake up, breathe, pray, get focused, fast and get off of social media it’s a distraction I’m guilty of this myself. Five minutes can easily turn into an hour that you can never get back.

In that one hour do you know how much you could have gotten done? Tons.

Be alive.