Am I allowed to be honest today? Lately, I haven’t had the BURNING DESIRE to run to church, this isn’t something I’m bragging on I’m just keeping it real. Before I get into the rant for today, let me offer you insight on the definition of spiritual and religious.

Spiritual is defined as “of, or relating to sacred matters, concerned with religious values. Religious is defined as, “relating to or believe in a religion, a person bound by monastic vows.” Ok, let’s focus on the word, “BOUND” which is why I have experienced church hurt, my mother believes that we were apart of a cult. I do give that church all the credit for getting me the head start of a personal relationship with God, fast forward to now… I currently attend Relevant Empowerment Church and I LOVE my church, it wasn’t until me attending this church did I realize that church is an add-on, of what you should already be doing. I remember one service, where it was said, without the drummers, the singers, or people ushering you in, could you find God? Could you reach out to Him? no one should have to pep you up. YOU have to desire a personal relationship with Christ all on your own. Soooo, why this blog? Why this topic? Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m not spending enough time with God. I never wanted to be the person who only goes to church when I need something from Him, when I’m desperate to hear His voice, so what did I decide to do? I started reading other articles mainly from Heather Lindsey, visit HeatherLindsey.com on how to spend time with God, and now whether its early in the morning or before I go to sleep, I’m spending quality time with Him. I would never lie to you and say ohhhh I’m praying to God all night, I’m up crying all night, no on average I spend about 20-30 minutes, reading scriptures, writing notes, and I always write a letter to God about my day, and the things I wish to change, and I thank Him for the blessings I received that week so forth and so on.. now don’t get me wrong there are some times where the Spirit just takes over and before I know it Ive spent hours seeking His face, here’s a tip: put your phone up, put it on silent and don’t watch the clock, focus primarily on God, how would you feel if God told you ok you got 10 minutes make it quick, my show about to come on, or I have to hurry up and get on instagram…? It would hurt you, because you’re like God I need you right now, why are you not listening? So now I tell myself, “nakoreya give God the same respect you would want Him to give to you”. It’s more important to be spiritual than religious in my opinion, just because you go to church every Sunday and every Wednesday doesn’t guarantee you a room in Heaven I know people that don’t miss a service but If you ask them to pray with or for you, they can’t. Just because you know every scripture in the Bible doesn’t mean anything if you’re not applying it to your every day life. church is great, I encourage everyone to find the right church for them, but I also encourage you to strive to gain a personal relationship with God, seek His face, cast your troubles upon Him, and don’t just go to Him when you’re in need, talk to Him just because, this morning what started off as a prayer for my mama turned into a hallelujah praise session, as I begin to remember where God brought me from…. And the places I’m confident He is taking me.

What do I need to start my relationship with God?

1.     A sound mind and an clear heart

2.     Bible, I prefer new living translation the student version because it’s so relatable

3.     A journal, to write notes and talk to God, write prayer requests, pen and highlighter.     

4.   An accountability partner

5.     Repent, this should have been 1st repent for your sins known and unknown. I do this every time before I spend time with God because I’m so flawed, and I sin on a daily basis.  I sincerely pray for every person reading this blog, you could have fast forwarded after the 1st line once you saw it was about Jesus, but you kept reading until the end, I pray that God blesses you abundantly, you, your family, your finances and your future. He will do it in your life, as long as you are obedient and put your trust and faith into Him (Hebrews 11:6)  I pray that God sees the desire to be closer to Him, and meet you wherever you are, God wants us just how we are, He will take your mess and turn it into a blessing and make every test you endure, your personal testimony.

God Bless You!