As the year comes to an end, I challenge you to gather your friends for a Girls Night In!

What will I need?

- Your best girls

- Pajamas

- Speaker with music nothing slow, straight turn up music

- Choice of Liquor ( ciroc coconut, amaretto, or whatever yall drink)

- Fruit for drinks

- Pretty glasses, I like to drink in pretty glasses from the dollar store

- Food: rotel, wings, meatballs. Keep it simple.

Everyone should arrive around 8 pm, tell the ladies put their phones up and get ready for a fun night. I would start with shots, everybody has to take a shot, always have a fruity drink for your friends who don’t drink, be considerate!

Play music, while you all fix your plates, by now the brownies or whatever dessert should be in the oven:

• It’s okay to ask people to bring stuff, me and my roommate don’t bite our tongue, “uh yes girl bring some napkins, bring a bottle, bring some chips for the rotel”

• Don’t let people strip you of everything, because you still have to live there and function when they leave.

• Make sure you have tons of cover and your bathrooms are clean.

• Give your neighbors the head up that you’ll have company, because it’s guaranteed to be a good night.

So once you have all got your food and you’re settled on the floor or wherever you’re hosting your girls night in, begin the Conversation.

What’s the Conversation?

The Conversation is something I came up with, they are questions, statements and quotes that are used to generate conversation and get to know your friends better, also to see get people’s opinion and outlooks on different subjects,  you will be surprised at how many things you and your friend agree or disagree on.

Rules for the Conversation:

• Be honest

• Everyone must answer

• Be respectful

• Don’t talk over anyone, give everyone a chance to speak

• Enjoy yourself it’s girls night.

I present to you THE CONVERSATION:

1. Are you in love or are you comfortable ?

2. Being Mary Jane or Scandal ? 

Why are black women allowing themselves to be portrayed like this ; but then again they're happily involved . Are you easily influenced by these television shows

3. In a friendship ; are people stripping you of your worth ? ( are you giving your all only to receive nothing in return not even loyalty)

4. Valentines Day is approaching . Is it for you only or does your man get celebrated as well.

5. Age ain't nothing but a number or is it....?

7. How important is blessing someone else to you ?

8. Do you know when to let go in friendships & relationships ? Or are you super clingy  

10. What scripture gets you through a rough day 

11. Bumper stickers on a Bentley ; what's your opinion on piercings on tattoos . Can it really hinder a person from getting a job.

12. What's your therapy . How do you settle down & relax after a hard long day 

13. How important is the relationship you have with your mother

14. In 2014 April Is here , the 1st quarter of the year , what steps have you made so far in being better than last year 

15. Do you discriminate against homosexuals in the church 

16. How important is saving to you ? Tips on saving 

17. Victoria secret panties or panties from any store ? Which do you prefer 

18. Do you feel like it's best to hold something in ( when you have an issue with a friend)

19. It's lonely at the top, if you have matured & progressed in life do you still have the same friends ? 

20. For better or worse . Will you still choose him first ?

21. In 2014, how are you stepping into your destiny ?

22. Matthew 6. Do you believe what you do in secret God rewards openly 

23. How often do you get tested ?

24. Is there a time limit on using protection with your man ? After awhile is it "his"?

25. What is your relationship like with your mother ?

26. Do you believe you are setting an example for younger females on your campus 

27. Do you think you judge sometimes without knowing you judge ? It's so easy to point the finger 

28. What does having a personal relationship with God mean to you ? How does it benefit you 

29. A man with kids. Single. Stable . Faithful church member . Is he a yes or no?

30. Weave or Natural? What's the big deal

31. What do you absolutely LOVE about yourself ? What makes you glow about yourself! 

32. Good paying job & no passion. Passionate job & unsustainable pay which do you choose ?

33. How important is Mentorship to you ?

34. are you who you “post”

35. What’s your favorite show to watch?

36. What does “living life to the fullest” mean to you?

37. Are you excited for next year ?

38. What is one lesson you can’t wait to teach your daughter?

39. What can we do better next year 

40. How do you feel about abortion?