Ok well today I had a pretty good day, me and an old friend chatted it up honey for about 3 long hours, it was so amazing my phone went dead and I wasn’t even mad about it. I needed that talk, I needed to cry and be emotional, and open and vulnerable. I needed to talk without being judged, I needed to listen and not speak I needed to tell her once upon a time I felt better than her. I felt superior and now I feel less of a woman for even feeling that way. We needed that good girl talk to heal to move on in our friendship. My day went on to get even better. But moving along to the main point in the blog, I asked her a question as I always do when I’m talking to friends, I asked, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN 2015. What are your accomplishments? Where have you grown strong when you were once weak? What chapters did you close? What mistakes did you make right? What did you do in 2015? Personally, I felt very accomplished I felt like I reallymade some things happen…. I probably didn’t cross every t and dot every single I off of my list. But overall, I am pretty damn proud of myself. I have learned that you have to learn how to celebrate yourself, to be proud of yourself, to motivate yourself. Tonight at church my pastor preached on Self-Determination and not being fearful of your future. This was confirmation for me because if I don’t battle with anything else I battle with ME. I am my biggest critic and I’m very doubtful of being the woman I really want to me. For me it’s like… I see myself ten years from now, home owner, several cars and an established career, prayer warrior, being a loaner and not a borrower, married with kids and most importantly living in my prime. At night I wonder how long will it take me to become the woman I truly desire to be.  I wanna become that WOMAN. And she seems so far away and I hate that…I struggle with reaching my full potential. I establish goals then set them down when I find a new goal that I like. If only I can focus on one thing at a time and get it done. I always called myself a MOGUL because I could never choose one career path and stick to it. im all over the place and even now at this current stage in life I am still all over the place, I don’t know what I wanna do. I want to be a lawyer, I want to teach, write books, produce shows,  run non-profits, travel the world and change lives like im just trying to do much and unfortunately you only get one life to live so I need to FOCUS AND PRIORITIZE. Today I forced myself to answer the exact same question, I’ve asked everybody else. NAKOREYA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN 2015? And right now I feel like I could have done more and I’m doubting myself just a little but I know its only the devil. So I’ll end with this, everybody won’t see the work you put in or the work you have done or what you’re striving for. Work hard in silence, work hard for you and not for the applause of others. Make yourself proud because it’s your life. Man can not take away what God blessed you with. Ask yourself in your quiet time from January 1, 2015 to present day what have I done in 2015? What have I accomplished? Where am I now strong in? Are you still wasting your time with pointless men or friendships? Still unhappy on your job? Still dealing with bad habits? Become theYOU you know YOU can be.