Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the prettiest of them all.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall whose the happiest of them all.

I woke up this morning with this on my mind, but why? I asked myself during my meditation hour why is this on my mind..why Nakoreya?

In today’s society, we live in a world where social media takes up about 80% of our creativity, our spare times, our lives. Conversations start off with, “Did you see the Patti Labelle video?” or “Girl did you see what she posted?”

This posed a problem for me, which is why I personally don’t have social media apps on my phone anymore, it’s just too much for me. As a writer who is trying my hardest to elevate and enter a different arena, social media is stinting my growth and my creativity to think outside the box. It’s so easy to scroll, scroll, scroll but I convicted myself and said the time I’m spending on here being in folk’s business I can be sending my manuscripts to companies, updating my blog, emailing non-profitsfor speaking opportunities, praying in my house and etc. I no longer have spare time, there is no extra time to chill. Any time you see me on social media, please know that it’s business related. I’m either messaging back potential authors or engaging in conversation with my readers. The way my team is set-up, I really don’t have to do much networking on social media but it’s nothing like being a walking billboard for your company and your brand. So every now and then, I’ll make my presence known. As a child my parents have always told me, “Wealth is quiet and rich is loud”

What does that mean?

It doesn’t always have to relate to riches, I take that quote and refer it to my brand. I’m not forcing nakoEXPO down your throat that’s what I’m paying my publicist for and praying on a daily basis. I believe that my work will speak for me so for that reason I’m quiet, I speak when I need too.

I’ve entered a place of serenity and a rim of prosperity, I truly believe that it’s my season so what do I do now? I continue to work diligently and wait on GOD to show up and show out.

Mirror Mirror who am I?

Have you ever stared in the mirror and asked yourself this question.

I stare in the mirror every morning as I perform my daily regimens. I stare, I stare so hard that sometimes I wish the blemishes on my face would just disappear.

But what am I looking for?

Mirror Mirror.

I talked to one of my favorite authors the other day and I told her that I’m inspired by her.

I go read her reviews on Amazon all the time, in total she has about seven thousand and for an author that’s like “wow”

And so she told me, “I hope that you’re inspired by yourself because the things you’ve done at your age are amazing”

And so it caused me to go back to that same mirror and I’m like, “What are yall seeing?”

And I promise it’s not just her but it’s everyone, literally everyone I come into contact with, whether it’s complete strangers or people on social media that has read my work, classmates, my parents business associates are in awe of what I have accomplished.

I’ve heard it so much this year that you’ll think I have started to believe it.

If I was to sit here and tell you that I write all day would you believe me?

If I was to say, I have my next seven manuscripts open and I don’t plan on sleeping until they’re all sent to the editor would you believe me?

If I said that I’m praying more than I’m worrying now would you believe me?

I can never get comfortable where I am, I can never celebrate this place because I know I won’t be here long.

It’s okay to be proud of yourself, but listen to me. STAY HUNGRY.


I turned in two books Sunday night but what was I doing Monday morning?

 Starting another book.

My name will be a household name, I can almost guarantee it.

Of course, my career is taking a different direction for 2016 and I’ll still write but my direction has been shifted and I’m focusing on something else but I’m thankful for this place.

Mirror Mirror.

Who are you?

Where are you going?

Who do you aspire to be?

Without the hoopta and holla, without your followers or fans watching, are you still trying to be this great person?

Ok here is a more direct question, “Who do you do it for?”

Is it your mama, your children, are you trying to create a legacy?

I challenge you to go stand in front of your mirror and declare great things over your life, ask God to keep you humble yet hardworking.

Ask God to send you clear signs and wonders of who you are and what your purpose is?

Mirror Mirror

Who is the happiest of them all? I am

Who is the prettiest of them all? I am

Who will reign supreme? Me

Who will be successful? Me

I encourage you to speak life over any dead situation. I promise I’m not perfect. I give up often but I’ve learned to embrace the place I’m in, you’re human so it’s okay to get discouraged, it’s okay to cry and want to stop. Just don’t stop for too long.

Dust your shoulders and knees off and dive back in.

God has so much in store for you, He is ready to blow your mind if you just trust Him.