According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary the word SHIFTED is defined as, to put something aside and replace it another or others;change or exchange.

To transfer from one place, position, person, etc. to another.

To manage to get along or succeed by oneself to move from one place, position, direction etc. to another

Yesterday, it was almost as if I kept hearing the word, SHIFT. It was being repeated in my head over and over again, to the point where I filled pages in a journal of the word, shift.

I was wondering what was God trying to tell me and why was this word filling me up, mentally. I sat at my office desk trying to type, I needed to get a book done by the end of the week but all I could do was think of the word shift. So stopped and prayed, I took a little time of my day (how selfish of me) to listen to God and it was then revealed that it was time for me to shift. I knew it was coming, I knew I was entering a different rim for 2016 of course. But I was unaware of when the time would be and what would be required of me.

I sat at my desk with tears pouring out of my eyes because I knew it was now that time.

Last week in the comfort of my own home I launchedNAKOEXPO, it wasn’t planned, my publicist wasn’t aware so therefore a press release wasn’t sent out. I just did it. For me as a woman trying to tackle an industry where there are thousands just like me, it’s hard to set yourself apart from the group, it’s like being in a ditch full of people and an airplane is hovering around and you’re jumping up and down screaming, “I’m here, pick me, please pick me, come get me”

That’s how I feel.

And so I launched NAKOEXPO by a simple click of the button, it was then there that a lifelong dream had been made public to the world. WOOSAH. I finally did it.

Fast forward to this week and I’m under attack like never before, I’m scrambling words on a page trying to meet deadlines, running around town paying bills and handling business, I’m on the phone with prospective authors, researching methods to launch products for 2016 I’m doing it all, modern day Superwoman. Then the devil came down on me hard, back-to-back to the point where I spent the entire Tuesday praying and crying. I told myself to calm down and take a nap, when I woke up it was worst.

I was like, “okay God what are you trying to show me?”

He didn’t answer lol, I went back to work and I kept trying to type the curse word, “shit” as I worked on another book but I kept typing, “shift”  so then again it was confirmation….IT WAS TIME.

It was time for me to stop, stop, stop stop stop stop stop. Stop what?

The year of 2015 was an emotional year, I was cheated on by my longtime boyfriend and literally my world ended when I found out, I had a bittersweet experience with becoming a published author, I went from living off an allowance that came monthly from my parents to taking my mom around the world for three months, I launched NAKOEXPO and I lost both of my best friends. And in the year of 2015 I had never felt so alone and rejected in my life.

I was literally forced to learn how to deal with things on my own, I was so used to have someone to call. Not only was I alone but I was alone and dealing with a mass of emotions. But what happened in this time?  I penned some of the best literature I’ll probably ever write in my life.

 I cried the entire time The Connect’s Wife was being created, so when people ask for another book of that series my soul cringes….

 Back to yesterday, a shift occurred and I was so confused and honestly unprepared.

But God sent a song to my spirit, quite a few songs along with the scripture, “God is within her she will not fail”

I knew the things I went to Him about and the promises He made me, but God was revealing to me that I had to do my part.

What was my part?

It was to be quiet and let him move, to become a vessel. I no longer feel the need to let people know who I am because God is going to do it for me, favor is following me, it’s following my career, this blog, nakoEXPO, my books, my everything.

I told myself yesterday, no longer will I allow people to take advantage of me, use me, chump me off, call when they want something, give money that I know I’ll never get back, it just wont be happening again. Situations that have happened this year has forced me to look at myself and ask the question, “WHO WERE YOU BECOMING?” In another blog, I will share the good and bad of launching your dreams and starting a company. Jesus, have I learned so much it’s ridiculous! Even on last night, I learned yet another lesson to the point where I’m refusing to spend ANOTHER dollar this week.

I’m shifting. It’s like the devil attempted to pick my mind apart and tear me down but I’m SHIFTED. So many things were happening and I slowly but surely felt like I was losing the NAKO in nakoreya, many people won’t get that… lol I won’t even bother explaining. I’m free, I’m shifted.

I’m in a different place, a new arena.

I’m moving forward.

Elevation requires separation.


As I close, I challenge you to think about what you need to separate from, to elevate, to grow, to be free.

I encourage you to let it go and have faith that God will cover you.

I’m here to let you know that it might not be people, it could be a place, a company, your job, it could even be your daily routine.

For me to be S H I F T E D, I had to let go of a mindset. The mindset that I had was keeping me stagnant, it was keeping me fearful of the promises, the future, the places that I had the ability to go, the things that I knew I could write, create, produce. I can’t continue to down myself, to keep ME at the bare minimum when I know where I’m trying to go. Stagnant is a disease, I highly encourage you to move and to press your way towards being S H I F T E D.