As a writer who is continuously trying to expand their craft, I chose to take a different route for my second year on this literary journey. After countless hours of research and character development, The Underworld was created. The Underworld is a universe where black men excel, yes, they have illegal dealings but The Underworld shows us that there is life after the streets and love. Each member of The Underworld has been carefully designed by the NakoEXPO team; we have watched movies, studied interviews, read articles and even asked personal questions to those that we know are in the streets.

This life is real it’s happening around us every day, crime, betrayal, rejection, lust, temptation and a host of other subjects that will be thoroughly exploited in the books you will read related to The Underworld.

The Underworld is a theme that will start January 1, 2016 and run until my heart says stop. The Underworld includes full-length stand-alone novels for readers to indulge in.

The Underworld is the first theme created by NakoEXPO in 2016.

After careful consideration, I realized that series were draining me so to give myself a mental break I decided to produce stand-alone novels in the year of 2016.

Malachi Morgan, Nasir King, Sean Carter, Roderick Christ and Roberto Huffington are distinguished gentle men who are living in The Underworld but not of the streets, although they are all different men, together they run THE UNDERWORLD.

Staffing well-qualified women in their respective fields, the leaders of the The Underworld realized that they couldn’t run the World by themselves.

 Sasha Vowen who is head of targeting and disposing the bad guys.

Lauren “Lo Howard, the face of The Underworld, Lauren ensures that for every poisonous drop that hits the streets on behalf of The Underworld, a good deed is done in the community. Lauren is responsible for Public Relations and Philanthropy, her favorite saying at a charity event is, “An anonymous donor”

Miko Sanderson, the half-sister of Malachi Morgan uses her government job to ship product all across the United States under the radar she is also in charge of payroll for all employees of The Underworld.

Noel Knight, a leader in her own right, she refuses to say she works for The Underworld, Noel believes that she works with The Underworld. Noel oversees the international aspect of The Underworld.

Mary Jane Wright uses her expertise around the kitchen to do what she does best and that’s hustle by any means necessary. The MVP of the Underworld is definitely Mary Jane. 

Please Catch My Soul

Jan 1, 2016