The Underworld, what was it? One might ask

The Underworld was no comparison to The Cartel. In fact, years ago when Christian Knight was murdered, followed by the remaining leaders of The Cartel, the Underworld was formed.

The Underworld used the experiences of The Cartel as a blueprint of what not to do. The Underworld didn’t have meetings, they didn’t talk on the phone and there wasn’t a secret handshake or code to welcome each other.

 They just handled their business. Plain and simple.

The Underworld was founded by Jeffery Ellison known as “Polo”, Roderick Christ, Nasir King, Malachi Morgan, Roberto Huffington aka Papa and Sean Carter.

These men were brutal, wise and most importantly hustlers.

The Underworld was formed with start-up money from Polo. Polo was one of the past members of The Cartel. He rolled with Dice back in the day, but when his best friend got knocked and no one stepped up to defend his death, he knew The Cartel was all about who you knew instead of what you’ve earned.

Polo personally felt like if your last name wasn’t related to any of the board members of The Cartel, or if you weren’t Mexican or Italian. The Cartel treated you like a slave, and he worked too hard to not receive the treatment he deserved. The Cartel didn’t offer fair chances or opportunities for all of their members. This theory was proven true when Christian Knight was sent to jail and then found dead the next day.

The Cartel didn’t give a fuck about nobody. That much was obvious.

Polo had made enough connections all on his own to do his own thing, and that’s what he did. He saw something different in each of the men he brought into The Underworld, and so far, none of them had proved him wrong.

The Cartel barely existed when Farren placed Chanel in the forefront of the organization. Polo knew she wouldn’t last long.

The Underworld was invisible.

Polo felt like each of the men brought something different to the table.

Malachi Morgan was noble and used his wit and charm to score deals and finalize business plans, but he was responsible for too many people, and although it was a blessing to be in a position where you could take care of your family members, often times Malachi would not show up due to family problems and such.

Roderick Christ, the oldest of the bunch and probably the most experienced since he had been in the game and apart of several different illegal organizations, until the ones closest to him tried to kill him. Roderick brought experience and connections to the table, but his downfall to possibly being great was that he didn’t listen. Roderick always thought he was right, and everyone else was wrong.

Roberto Huffington, aka Papa, was a hothead and a loudmouth. In the streets, there wasn’t room for both. However, Polo loved him for his integrity. Papa was gon' shoot first and ask questions never. He had a good eye for bullshit, and loyalty was instilled in him. His ignorance and his mouth held him back from eventually becoming one of the greats.

Sean Carter brought the “love” to the table. He loved the hustle and bustle of the streets. Sean reminded you of Money Making Mitch from Paid in Full. Sean was about his mother fucking money. Using precision, he could sell a bible to a preacher and pussy to prostitute, and although he had a sharp tongue, he only used it when it was beneficial for him. Sean was deadly, and if one was to cross him, it would lead to their death. Polo fucked with Sean the long way because he had heart. No one pumped fear in him at all. His flaw was that, because he was so quiet, it often came off as sneaky. Polo felt like Sean was harboring secrets or had another life that he was uncomfortable or too embarrassed to share. A sneaky person was always one to keep close by, in hopes to catch them up.

Nasir King, Polo’s favorite, and it was obvious. Hailing from the Islands of St. Lucia, Nasir came from nothing, so therefore, he has humble beginnings. Polo saved Nasir’s life and gave him the opportunity of a lifetime; get rich or die trying. At the tender age of twenty-five, Nasir had accumulated far more millions than his hands could handle. Nasir was reserved, yet outspoken. He was charismatic. He was worthy and deserving of the position he stood in. Nasir was wise beyond his age. He didn’t trust easily, and he often used the spirit of discernment and prayer before making any and every decision. No one could keep up with Nasir because he made all of his moves in silence. In addition, for all of these great reasons, without too many words being said, the others knew Nasir would become the leader of the Underworld.

Malachi Morgan, Nasir King, Sean Carter, Roderick Christ and Roberto Huffington are distinguished gentle men who are living in The Underworld but not of the streets, although they are all different men, together they run THE UNDERWORLD.

Staffing well-qualified women in their respective fields, the leaders of the The Underworld realized that they could not run the World by themselves.

 Sasha Vowen who is head of targeting and disposing the bad guys.

Lauren “Lo Howard, the face of The Underworld, Lauren ensures that for every poisonous drop that hits the streets on behalf of The Underworld, a good deed is done in the community. Lauren is responsible for Public Relations and Philanthropy, her favorite saying at a charity event is, “An anonymous donor”

Miko Sanderson, the half-sister of Malachi Morgan uses her government job to ship product all across the United States under the radar she is also in charge of payroll for all employees of The Underworld.

Noel Knight, a leader in her own right, she refuses to say she works for The Underworld, Noel believes that she works with The Underworld. Noel oversees the international aspect of The Underworld.

Mary Jane Glover uses her expertise around the kitchen to do what she does best and that’s hustle by any means necessary. The MVP of the Underworld is definitely Mary Jane.

“The Underworld, it’s a lifestyle”