I woke up with the word “deposit” in my spirit.

Who are you allowing to deposit intoyour spirit. On this EAT PRAY LOVE Journey you have to be very careful with who you talk too and vent too, honestly during the first seven days I suggest being alone.

Of course, if your job requires communication than by all means handle your business but once you’re home and the kids and hubby are taken care of go spend some much needed time with yourself.

As we grow through life, notice I didn’t say “go” because I’m no longer “going” through life. everything I do is with reason and contains some sort of substance or purpose.

One you get to a place where an idle mind is a no-no, casual sex is frowned upon, bar hopping and poppng it in the club is no longer entertaining then youll GROW through life instead of going through life.

We have to learn how to want more for ourselves.

Some people wait to see others doing something…..and that’s cool by all means get inspired by those around you. but if they weren’t doing it then what?

So today as I woke up and began to start my day I thought of depositing.

It’s so many people that tend to want to connect with me and I’m like “SKURR”

See, God has blessed me with the spirit of discernment so it’s easy for me to spot the genuine from the others.

I am careful with who I help and when I say help it’s because I’m well connected and this is something that I do know for sure. So I don’t allow people to come into my life who aren’t worthy of my time or the connection.

Everyone shouldn’t be allowed into your personal space, everyone shouldn’t be allowed into your business.

Some people are an open book but NAKO is not.

My trust is in God and my faith and fears are too.

So in closing, I encourage you to evaluate who you are allowing to deposit into your life and connect with you.

It’s okay to cut a few people off with every new rim you enter and every season that you walk into, everyone won’t be able to come and make no apologies for it.

 Now let me back up and say this, forgiveness is real. Don’t harbor ill feelings, make things right with people.

I hate when people say who needs closure? I do.

I need to know that you don’t hate me and I don’t hate you

If I see you out somewhere, a hug or an hello would be cool.

Get your closure, say your apologies and admit where you were wrong if you are.

But other than that, elevation requires separation, so God bless.