So the time is 11:19 and I’m listening to my girl Ariana Grande and I am so happy. have you ever woke up from a refreshing nap and stretched your arms and smiled.

Oh yeah, the EAT PRAY LOVE JOURNEY requires SLEEP. I sleep now and it’s amazing.

I’m enjoying myself, I’m like the coolest person right now lol. Last night, I watched two movies and ate ice cream out of the carton, ice cream spilled all over my shirt I didn’t even hop up and get a napkin, I was like F it.

My phone goes dead and I’m not rushing to grab a charger, I’m just enjoying my own company.

Last night I finished two self-help books and bought a few more so that’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of the night after I finish this blog.

The tip of the week is to be honest with yourself and people.

I talked to my mother today and we had a super good conversation, I told her, “Mom I just thank God for growth”

Once you become content in who you are and accept the place you’re in, life gets easier, sleep finds you without much hesitation.

Of course, I’m still nervous about any and everything…that’s something else I’m working on this journey.

Every few days, I add something new to sacrifice so this week I decided to cease all communication until ten am.

Now that I’m not on social media I found myself way more productive than I normally am, most times when you wake up the first thing you do is check all of your pages.

Well I only have my instagram up at this time but I’m not too big on IG so it’s nothing I’m really interested in.

But if I find myself on there too much I’ll delete that too.

So starting tomorrow I don’t want to talk until after ten am, which means no emails, no text messages, facetimes or phone calls.

When I first wake up, I need to be on my knees thanking God for another day and setting new goals.

I’ve set a few more personal goals that I will share as this journey continues.




It’s more than that of course but start with those three.

Eating- substantial information, reading your word, researching things related to your future and passion, eat what’s good for you (figuratively)

Praying- repent and ask God to restore and replenish your faith and joy, even if you don’t struggle with your faith and happiness, you can never have too much faith.

 Loving- love yourself first, let your love for yourself shine so bright that people want to connect to you simply because they said how loving and positive you are and if they don’t connect to you still love yourself and forgive your enemies love them although they may have forsaked you.

Word of the week: ACCRUE

God Bless!