According to, reset is defined as to set again, to become set again and the act of resetting. One of readers, Enique posted on Facebook early this morning that she was restarting her 2016 and I said, “I feel you girl” to myself. Then minutes later I then said, “You know what I’m doing the same thing”

I declared, proclaimed, cried, professed that 2016 was MY year, it was the year of peace, joy, prosperity and FAVOR but so far it’s been the year of bitterness, depression, misery, losses and all kinds of other negative words but today is a new month, a new chapter, a RESET button on my life and my mind…and I am starting over. I won’t shed another tear over things that I have no control, I won’t continue to worry about situations that I can’t change and I won’t even complain about what’s not working out in my favor. I won’t be disappointed when I am let down, when I feel like my hard work isn’t paying off. I won’t fret when I’m not approved or accepted for certain things. No more.

It’s because of my friend’s post that I’m feeling joyous, refreshed and content. I know that God has better for me and that greater is coming. Of course, my vision is a little blurry and lately, I can’t type no more than a thousand words to save my life, when I normally type an average of ten to fifteen thousand a day. I’m not sure what’s happening to me but it’s okay.

See, the thing about life that I’m slowly understanding is that you gotta grow through what you go through. Who said success would come easy? I did. lol. I didn’t expect so many stumbling blocks and letdowns but they are coming back to back.

I think it’s God way of saying, “Hey girl you took your eye off of me, let’s get back focused”

So, God I hear you and I’m focused.

February 1 is my reset.

It’s my “Let’s get back in the game and get back to grinding”

In the midst of a very unexpected and hurtful breakup, I’m pretty sure I lost my mind and sadly, my peace. every day it was a constant struggle to get out of bed and do anything with my life.  I was embarrassed because I put this man on a pedestal and he let me down. But guess what, that was my fault because in the way I viewed him, he didn’t view me and if he did we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. So as I reset my focus, I’m resetting my confidence as well.

You ever stopped and questioned yourself, “Why me” or in my case, “Why her?”

I wondered for two weeks what was it about her that I didn’t have, for goodness sake I thought I was a pretty good girlfriend but apparently I possessed a few flaws. I began to question in what areas did I lack and what did I do wrong but this morning, after seeing Enique’s post I said, “Girl move on and let it go” and that’s what I did.

So, I’m not sure how long this “new joyous” feeling will last I pray it last forever because I have too much going on to be so sad, the grind is real.

I encourage you to RESET.

You may not feel how I feel but you may be in a situation where you want to shift, you want to reset, you want to move on.


Don’t let another second pass by where you’re in the same place.

2016 is still yours.

You still have time to be great.