Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Two days ago I turned twenty-three.

Two days ago I realized that I was growing.

Yeah…every day you’re getting older but it wasn’t until I was at my dinner and I realized that there were more new faces then old.

There were people there who came from different backgrounds, people younger than me, older than me…people who I would have never met if I hadn’t decided to grow in the first place.

I had realized that I was shifting.

In recent light of my new favorite album “ A Seat At The Table”

Please check it out if you haven’t

Im heavily inspired right now.

Solange has this one song on there that I absolutely love and it’s so inspiring.

She sings, “it’s like cranes in the sky…sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds”

On her Instagram page she said that she wrote the song eight years ago and sat on it.

She didn’t rush it didn’t drop it until perfect timing.

Last night I watched the documentary for the album…and again I was inspired.

For three years she prayed, wrote, meditated and worked on A Seat At The Table.

She did this in silence.


She didn’t post every single time she was in the studio, she didn’t do too much.

She trusted God’s timing.


Chapter 23.

I have entered a new chapter in life and boy…. I am a living testimony.

I’m not who I was three years ago.

I’m not even who I was a month ago.

Its my prayer that as the days pass and I settle into Chapter 23 that the momentum with me.

I dropped book 27 on my birthday and I truly believe it’s my best work.

Yeah Ive felt that way about my last four books but hell, they’re all good reads.

I know I’m growing

 I know I’m shifting

And guess what everyone can’t come.

Im in a place where I’m not easily impressed.

I’m in a place where my feelings are protected so im able to maneuver through life a little easier..THANK GOD.


It took me to get to Chapter 23 to finally realize that you have to love yourself first, respect yourself first, choose yourself first before you can ever expect someone else to do it.

And this goes for friends as well

I told myself tonight, they come and they go…BYE.

I no longer have the time or energy to invest into relationships/friendships.

The people that want tobe there will be there and this where I am right now.

Im happily single.

Im happily without a lot of people around me and most importantly im at peace.

When you learn to not expect much from em’ you wont be disappointed….22 taught me that.

So today’s Passport stamp is dedicated to everyone who sits at the table..ALONE.


You don’t need a lot of people at your table.

Enjoy your 5 star meal by yourself.

If you not where you want to be just yet….keep feasting on the appetizer until you decide on your main course.

Work hard so that when the reward (dessert) comes you’ll deserve it.

Its so many people taking breaks when they haven’t done anything.

I’ve never seen so many lazy people in my life.


23 will be so exciting I brought my birthday in with close friends and family and honestly I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world.

This past weekend was beautiful and it was an eye-opener.

treat people how you want to be treated.

love your family because sometimes they're all you have.

Love who loves you.

Don’t fret

Don’t worry

Don’t stress.




My goals for 23 is to go higher, remain happy and make as much money as I can.

Everything else falls into those categories.

I challenge you to push your chair up to the table and dive in.

Dive in to your plate and don’t worry about what’s on the next plate.

Enjoy life because it’s so short.

Pray more and worry less.

I don’t have much to say because I’m in deep meditation this week so God bless!