EAT.PRAY.LOVE. London Edition! Vol. 1


Eat. Pray. Love. – LONDON edition Vol. 1  

So for those that are just joining The Passport… this past summer, I blogged often about my EAT PRAY LOVE journey something I do often whenever I lose sight of who I am.

The other day I read an article on a middle-aged woman who recently finished her EAT PRAY LOVE journey and she said something that stuck with me:

For those who think they can’t go on the same journey. Liz (author of EAT PRAY LOVE) says you don’t need to jet set around the globe to capture an EAT PRAY LOVE experience. Instead, your journey can start with an internal conversation.

I really feel the one non-negotiable thing you need is to find a tiny little corner of your life, of your day, of stillness where you can begin to ask yourself those burning essential questions of your life – she says

Who am I

Where did I come from

Where am I going

What am I here for

Okay so diving in right in….i’m not sure exactly what really happened or what transpired or what even sparked this journey for me but I am so excited about leaving, I’m so excited about leaving that I extended my trip TWICE.

Delta has gotten so much money out of me these past 2 weeks LOL!

London has always been on my list along with Africa and I consider it a blessing to embark on this solo-trip to ultimately discover a new purpose and establish new goals.

So in preparing for this  journey – because that’s exactly what it is I fasted for two weeks and focused on ME.

I fasted from:

 Social media

Idle conversation



Things I discovered while fasting:

The conversations you have with people are more engaging, okay so during my fast I was invited out to dinner several times and WOW I never noticed how much you can get to know about someone without being on your phone, distracted.

One night me and two of my good friends got together for dessert and dinner – yes I said that right we had dessert first and then went to dinner but the talk that we had over dinner was one of the best conversations I ever had for my life and it just so worked out that they weren’t on social media at the time either so for three hours or so we were able to touch on so many different subjects that I honestly felt that if we were all too busy snapping and posting on the gram, we wouldn’t have went there.

After dinner me and one of my friends were in the car and I was like wow wasn’t that convo awesome?

And we both agreed that our lives were sparked in a way.

Another instance was I had a meeting with a writer from LIFETIME, and I’m normally on my phone in meetings which is a bad habit but my faith is a tad bit weak because I’m lowkey tired of going to meetings and nothing happening from them but without social media apps on my phone I was able to really tune into the meeting and ask tons of questions it worked out that when the meeting was over she gave me her personal information and told me to contact her anytime – LOOK AT GOD!

Okay so one more example and then ill keep it forward.

And because I’ve been emotional all week (pregnant in my head lol ) i met a girl on IG – lol

And you know how you meet people on social media and yall talk and comment on each other stuff but that’s really it but it was something about her so long story short – we linked up over dinner back in july and kept in constant contact.

Together, we attended a few concerts, had dinner and motivated each other via text message overtime so my birthday had arrived and she was out of town on business – corporate chick.

So when she got back in town she had a whole day planned for me – this is a big deal to me because I’m normally the one doing for others.

I got dressed up, heels and all – I don’t normally wear heels and wow without social media on my phone honey I was all ears.

We saw birth of a nation – awesome freaking movie – go check it out

We went to dinner and then hit a few bars BUT it was the talk we had over dinner that literally changed my life.

Damn I feel like I’m about to cry writing this...

let me say this. life is short so when you meet GENUINE people. hold on to them

love them, respect them, cherish them, adore them, let them know they're appreciated

there isn't a lost friend that i want back

its not an ex that crosses my mind these days 

im extremely grateful for my circle of friends, old and new.

im blessed beyond measure 

and please know when you ask God something be sure that's what you want Him to do....

God has showed me so many signs and wonders in the past three months im still in awe.

I always tell younger people “ hang with some folks older then you”

My mom is 41 and she’s my best friend, her mom is sixty something and that’s her best friend.

My mom’s friends are cool AF I’m forever learning from them.

My friend Ashley is 27 I’m 23 so she’s able to forewarn me about a lot of shit before I experience it so even though we don’t hang often because were both grinding I’m able to soak up and learn a lot from her.

Super grateful.

The talk we had over dinner was about staying focused, self love, relationships, friendships and saving my money more.

Later that night when I laid down and reflected on my week it was then that I realized how much we miss out when we’re caught up in what other folks got going on.

Without the apps on my phone man I made some amazing memories, and didn’t have any pictures to show for it.

Without the apps on my phone I was able to get deep into my newest creation

Without apps on my phone I was able to respect the arts more, I watched several movies, documentaries, read a few books and did my favorite thing – research.

It was really important that I fasted prior to my EAT PRAY LOVE journey simply because I wanted to be free of everything that was holding me back from reaching the next level of happiness, joy, peace and prosperity.

Sure enough I plan on turning the F up in London, Paris, Morocco, and Amsterdam but more importantly I’m getting away to see life somewhere else.

To be inspired again

To witness love unfold in front of me.

To hear my thoughts clearer.

To be free and happy

I want to cry and pray and scream, and rejoice

I want to live and love and laugh with myself.

My daddy still doesn’t understand why I’m traveling alone but I don’t care who doesn’t get it, this is the first trip of many.

While overseas I will be finishing up my 28th book, RESENTMENT

This book is so emotional, thought provoking and HONEST.

This book is dragging so much bad thoughts out of me, with every scene I literally feel the pain that my ex brought upon me leaving my soul.

I’m cleansing and I’m changing, I’m growing.

Just as Stranger in My Eyes got me together mentally and spiritually I know RESENTMENT is doing the same and I am here for it.

Currently, I’m single and LOVING it.

 Resentment is showing me so many signs that I missed in my last relationship and allowing me to realize what I won’t go for in my next relationship – whenever that may be.

So in closing I ask that you do a few things for me.

Follow me on Instagram: nakoexpo

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And most importantly, Periscope : mogulnako – ill be going live quite a few times.

If you forgot the infamous Farren Knight is living it up in LONDON, and I’ll be interviewing her while I’m there super excited about that!!!!!!!!!

Also, I ask that you cleanse your soul.

Maybe right now you can’t just hop up and get the hell out of the US….so plan your own EAT PRAY LOVE journey.

First, read the book and watch the movie or watch the movie and then read the book.

Then, pray and meditate for at least 7 days.

Fast – maybe social media isn’t your struggle so fast in an area that it will definitely be a sacrifice.

And after you fast, write a detailed list of things you need to move on from, people you need to forgive, habits that need to die, and ways your soul need to cleanse.

The EAT PRAY LOVE journey is a personal one so need to disclose your list to friends if you don’t feel led to.

But if you want to tell someone you can message me on any of my social media handles or email me at

Its my prayer that as 2017 approaches we all as women are moving upward in a positive direction.

With Hilary Clinton running for President, we all should feel like we can do anything we set our minds to.

Hard work pays off.

And a dream is only a dream until you apply ACTION behind it.

Never forget, in all things keep Him first.

With Love,