The sun was shining bright into the room, a little too bright for Jordyn’s liking. She turned her head, the diamonds that covered her wrist and finger almost blinded the counselor who was sitting across from her.

“We can pull the curtains” she suggested.

Jordyn nodded her head and told her, “please and thank you” her voice didn’t hold much happiness but the counselor expected that.

 From their last session she was able to understand that Jordyn was once a happy go lucky girl, but life had happened to her and unfortunately it was in the form of a man.

She hated that disease, the one that was curable but only if you were prepared to take the medicine.

The medicine that had symptoms which included lonely nights, accepting that you deserved more, and learning to be by yourself.

It was hard for so many women to take the medicine and move on with their lives simply because life consisted of that one person.

The person who was poisonous for their health.

After the curtains were down, the counselor retook her seat and folded her legs.

She took Jordyn’s appearance in, the woman was beautiful but it was external.

Her internal didn’t match the good smelling expensive perfume her body was doused in, or the almost hundred of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry she had on along with the makeup she wore to cover her wrinkles and sad eyes.

She wasn’t even considered old or middle-age but the shit she had been through and was still going through had put so many years on her.

“So Jordyn since we last met did you get a chance to talk to your husband about joining us for a few sessions” she asked.

Jordyn took a deep breath and removed the Versace scarf she wore around her neck before answering her question.

“I did and he said that he had his own therapist” she laughed although nothing was found funny about what Nasir had told her.

The counselor didn’t laugh at all.

“Well maybe after he sees your dedication to saving the marriage he will join us but until then let’s talk about the baby” she moved along with the rest of the session. Refusing to spend minutes on her husband who wasn’t there to defend himself or present his side of the story.

The counselor didn’t want to jump to conclusions by saying Jordyn had married rich and was now a bitter wife who couldn’t keep her husband home for more than twenty-four hours because it seemed as if it was more than that.

Jordyn shook her head refusing to talk about the baby.

The counselor rested her hand on her leg, “You don’t want to talk about your child, the one you lost?” she questioned.

Jordyn shot her a look that could probably kill if a bullet was attached to it.

“No…no I do no. I rather discuss my failing marriage”

The counselor sighed and explained to Jordyn for the millionth time, “I can’t help you if you don’t open up. I ask you is he cheating you ignore me, I ask you have you cheated you say no, I ask about the baby you don’t want to talk about it. Jordyn I’m going to need you to open up”

Tears pooled in her eyes instantly.

“I can’t” she held her heart.

The counselor came forward and looked into Jordyn’s eyes.

“You can’t what Jordyn what you can not do?”

She screamed from the top of the lungs, “Say her name”

She hated her.

Jordyn fucking hated the bitch that destroyed her marriage.

She blamed her for everything.

She planned her death every night.

But why kill her when it took two to tango?

“Don’t say her name then but what is it about her that you hate? Does your husband love her?”

Jordyn blinked her eyes rapidly, she felt as if her heart was giving out on her.

The very thought of that bitch caused her to lose her sanity.

She clasped her hands together, “I need a minute” she told the counselor before grabbing her Chanel bag and standing up.

When Jade suggested that she go see a therapist Jordyn told her that she wasn’t crazy and didn’t need that.

So instead she decided to talk to someone at her church, a marriage counselor.

But they weren’t making progress because Jordyn couldn’t face the truth and she skipped over all of the touchy subjects that needed to be addressed but out of embarrassment she refused to speak on.

Jordyn was tip toeing over her problems but at the same time she wanted help.

She wanted to save her marriage.

Jordyn loved Nasir so much and he loved her too but every now and then he would change.

Literally, become a different man.

Jordyn was starting to believe that the girl…..had her husband wrapped around her finger.

Not the other way around.