Who Are You?

I believe it's so ironic that today's message was about who are you and how is your soul doing! 

I wrote this blog Friday morning.


Who do you think you are?

Today’s passport stamp is for you..who am I kidding all of my stamps are about me lol but it’s my prayer that in some shape or form you can get something out of it for YOU.

I want to help guide you and encourage you to change for the better.

God bless the woman who wants to grow but don’t know what seeds to plant

God bless the woman who can’t save her money but really needs to, God bless the woman who  can’t leave that sorry man but know she deserves better.

God bless the woman who doesn’t know who she is but knows that there is purpose dwelling on the inside of her.

That woman is the one I pray for.

Last night around the dining room table, each of our family members and special invited guests were asked to name a few things they’re thankful for and the responses were great.

My mother went last being that she’s the Queen of the house and her response was so life changing – check the video out on my social media handles – instagram: nakoexpo

She said she was thankful for “life and growth”

Mama said that!

And so of course with it being Thanksgiving I couldn’t actually dwell on it long enough because the house was crowded. People were laughing, lips smacking and music playing.

It wasn’t until I was back home and alone in the shower, preparing for a late night with my beau did I ask myself what was I thankful for.

I’m thankful for a second chance at life. I’m thankful for my work ethic, I’m thankful for the ability to reach the masses with the gift of writing.

 I’m thankful for being a positive light in my small circle of friends.

 I’m thankful for my smile, my spirit, my soul, my heart.

I have been lost before.

I have been broken, depressed, suicidal, I have been there before.

I’ve felt like I wasn’t enough, I’ve questioned who I was and what I brought to the table.

I have been insecure, I have felt ugly, fat, I have felt like I wasn’t enough.

I use to talk to myself like I was nothing.

I have let myself down by making poor decisions.

I have allowed the wrong things and people to influence me.

I’ve been there before.

But now,


I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

So today, the morning after Thanksgiving I am thankful for knowing who I am.

I used to wonder why people never stuck around long.

Don’t get me wrong I met the GREATEST group of girls in college but even with that group, a lot of them I don’t talk to anymore.

I used to wonder why my exes treated me like shit and then turned around and kissed the next bitch feet.

I used to wonder why people I got close to in this industry turned against me.

I used to beat myself up about it, because I would give my all, I would help, I would listen and then something would happen.

I would either hear my business back to me from another author or something crazy.

And then it was then that I realized I’m not for everybody and everybody isn’t for me and guess what?

That’s okay.

I used to hang with girls and then weeks later I would see them together without me and I would ask my mama why nobody invited me.

And she would tell me don’t worry about that

It was like people saw something in me that I didn’t see

And seriously I would wonder what happened or did I say something wrong, because I know I can be blunt sometimes.

This was all a long time ago, but let me tell you how God works.

He sent the people FOR ME TO ME.

Now I have been blessed with an amazing support team, I have a few people in the industry that I rock with and trust, my friends are the bomb.

And every time we’re together I’m able to learn from them and in return they’re learning from me.

Look, I’m not hanging with no one that don’t have nothing going on.

All of my friends are GOALDIGGERS.

And let me not get started on family who don’t support.

I have so many people in my family with connections that can help me get to where I really desire to be and they’ve done NOTHING.

They’ll like my post on social media and won’t even share the link.

But guess what? I’m not worried.


I’m in meetings weekly and my email is flooded with offers from publishers, companies, directorsand all kinds of people but I’m waiting on God.

God will lead me

I almost jumped on an opportunity just 2 weeks ago, I was so thirsty for something new in my life and they seemed so nice and excited to work with me and something told me to wait.

I’m very private when it comes to my career moves simply because I’ve made the mistake of announcing things prematurely before and I truly believe that what you put out there ain’t for everybody.

And my daddy told me the last time something that was supposed to happen didn’t come through he said – ain’t nothing official until that contract signed.


Everybody don’t care about you

Its some preying on your downfall and its some praying for your blessings

Ask God to help youdiscernbetween the 2.

I see people clear as day.

So that’s why some don’t even bother coming at me cus they know I see em

That’s the spirit of discernment – read about it.

So anyway I ended up reaching out to another author who I’m cool with to see if the opp was legit and she told me that it was but to take my time making a decision.

Needless to say, I’m not passing the opp up but I’m going to let GOD handle that for me

If they want me they’ll reach out again and If not that’s cool with me too.

You don’t have to chase what GOD has for you

And once you realize who you are and whose you are, the opinions of others won’t bother you.

I’m literally in my own lane and I’m good with that.

I’m not here for anything extra.

At this time of my life my focus is my mother’s health and that’s it.

Yes, I enjoy writing it’s my therapy but if I don’t write another book I’m not mad.

If I don’t hit number one ever again in my life, I am great.

It’s so important that we begin to prioritize what’s important and what’s not.

You have to add value on what needs valuing, sometimes we care so much about things or people that don’t care about us.

No longer will I give energy to dead situations

No longer will I water dead plants

No longer will I be places where I’m not wanted or where I know my best interest isn’t at heart

Who are you

Where are you

Please move forward in life

It’s so many of us out there lost and confused but you don’t have to be


The minute you realize that you need to get your shit together- then DO IT

I can’t make you step your game up

But I hope there is someone around you that can.

Your kids

Your man

Your past..

I know for me it’s my purpose that ignites a fire in me like never before.

If 2016 wasn’t your year that’s fine.

I promise it is

But, don’t let 2017 be the same

Today in your quiet time let God talk to you

Listen to Him

Tune your ear in.