Lauren Howard

I wish I knew a love….

Lauren’s mother asked her, “What did you say baby?”

She turned and wiped her face, after watching her niece dance with her husband.

It was something about weddings that always caused her to get emotional, especially when everyone in her family was now married and living happily ever after.

Lauren shook her head and told her mom, “Nothing I will be right back” she got up, leaving the flute of champagne on the table

She picked up her dress so that she wouldn’t trip with any of the steps she had to take to get to the exit to catch her breath.

Someone stopped in her stride but she shook her head and kept going, not in the mood to talk.

There were too many people in the front of the building so she made a quick left and stood by the side door.

Oh how she wanted a blunt right now, but she left her bud in the bottom of her luggage at her house in Virginia.

Lauren ran her hands through her hair and took a long deep breath.

She was okay and everything would eventually be okay.

It was just every now and then…she seeped down in her feelings and felt some type of way about life and the hand she was dealt.

But again, she was okay and everything would be okay.

Lauren made her own decisions.

She had chosen many years ago to be foolish so there was no one to blame.

Many man had entered her life and many men exited out right after seeing that she was taking them serious.

But one…one came…on accident.

And he never left.

He didn’t leave because he saw past the bullshit.

He loved her.

He loved her more then she loved herself.

Lauren knew that she was probably still on the block list so she pulled out her second phone and called him.

He must have remembered that number too because it went straight to voicemail

Growing irritated because she was horny and tipsy, very much so in her feelings.

She called him from blocked.

“DA’s office” his receptionist said.

She sounded tired and ready to leave the office but Lauren knew how Simon was…hard working and dedicated to his job.

“Simon please” she murmured into the phone.

The woman wasvery familiar with Lauren’s voice although she never met her a day in her life, Lauren called often.

A little too much but she minded her business.

“one second please”

Lauren waited a few minutes, knowing that Simon most likely questioned his receptionist down about who was on the phone and what the fuck they wanted.

Lauren chewed on her bottom lip as she anticipating hearing his voice.

“What” he said as soon as he picked up the phone.

Her heart trembled, he was tired of her.

“I miss you” she admitted.

He took a deep breath, “if you did you would be here right now”

Lauren smiled…he had forgave her

“Doing what?” she asked him, in a slick and sexy yet tone.

On the other line, in new York city….simon loosened his tie and removed his glasses, pushing away from the large work pile on his desk and giving Lauren Howard all of his attention.

“Ummm well it’s a Saturday night…the time is eight forty so we would be leaving dinner and getting back in the car. I’m assuming you would want a slice of cheesecake and a glass of red wine”

“You know I love my red wine” she said into the phone.

Simon blushed, he knew everything she loved.


“and then we would probably go watch the city at the top of your building and relax until it grew cold”  he continued.

Lauren moved her head around with her eyes closed, never taking her ear from the phone.

“So after it got cold and you started to complain about the weather, I’ll probably carry you back to your place and lay you down while I run you a bath”

“and roll me a blunt” she added.

Simon chuckled.

“while youre bathing ill watch you wash your skin…that sexy smooth ass skin” he said huskily into the phone.

Lauren couldn’t take it anymore.

“I miss you” she told him

He already knew that though.

“I’ll be waiting for you”

She looked back at the venue where her family was enjoying life and celebrating love.

“about to catch a flight” she said.

Simon looked at his watch, “where are you now?” he could never keep up with her schedule.

“my niece’s wedding”

He raised an eyebrow, “no invite?”

It was crazy because everything she always wanted in a man ,she had found in him and still…she held back.

Being reclusive  for no reason at all.

“I’ll meet you at your place” she told him, ignoring his question.

Simon wanted to say more but he didn’t, not wanting to argue with her because he wanted her.

He missed her.

Their last argument didn’t end too pleasant and it had been weeks since she called him.

“alright Lauren” he said with finality

She smiled although he couldn’t see her.

“see you soon baby”

Simon blushed, “soon”

After they disconnected the call.

Lauren pondered over going back and telling her mother that she was leaving but she decided to text instead. Not wanting to answer a million questions.

She didn’t even bother going back home, there was nothing there of importance.

Lauren caught a cab to the airport, while she waited on the next flight out she scrolled through various unread messages.

she got to one name and rolled her eyes.

He had been blowing her up and she had yet to answer or respond.

Lauren was tipsy and bored while waiting on her flight, so she clicked his number that wasn’t saved.


The phone didn’t even get to the second ring before he picked up.

“I’ve been calling you” he said.

“Busy ,what’s up?” she questioned.

Nasir pulled the blunt from his mouth, before getting up where he was playing the game with his kid and telling Ramone he would be right back.

He took the steps down to the basement and closed the door to one of the bedrooms before sitting on the bed.


Nasir was a little out of breath, “yeah I was playing the game with ramone my bad” he told her.

Lauren didn’t care but she wouldn’t say that to him.

“yes I’m on the phone now what do you want?’

Nasir told her without much hesitation, “you”

She was done playing those games with him.

A long fucking time

“Where is Jordyn?” she questioned.



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