5 People I Don't Regret Following in 2016




5 People I don’t regret following in 2016



Okay so before I dive into this stamp let me say that I’m trying to learn how to include photos and all of that other cool stuff that other bloggers include in their articles.

This past week I have spent an insane amount of hours conducting research, taking notes, and watching videos on bloggers and how to hopefully step my game up in 2017.

So if you’ve been following The Passport in 2016 I’m extremely thankful.

I’ve tried my hardest to be as consistent and original as possible.

It’s my goal to continue to write organic material but to up the visual quality of my content.

So with that being said let me dive right into today’s topic


I’m not big on social media.

I often unplug from the world and do my own thing

But when I’m on social media up lurking and what not it’s 5 pages I make sure to spend an ample amount of time on.

Soaking up whatever they’re posting and learning from them as much as possible.

1.     MYLEIK

I stumbled upon MYLEIK from my FB friend, Alisa Hyman.

At the time I was going through a horrible breakup and she told me about her and I instantly fell in love.

For a week straight, I followed every single social media outlet she had.

I listened to her podcasts, put her name in every search engine possible and I read.

I read so much that she’s the reason I even created this list.

I’m not easily enthused or inspired by people simply because I’m just not.

And it’s not because I think I’m all of that or other people can’t teach me but you have to really bring it for me to be like WOW

And seriously, I’ve learned so much from Myleik and if you think I’m over exaggerating check out her #mytaughtyou on any social media outlet.

I’m not the only one being inspired by this #girlboss.

She’s the reason why I go to bed early and wake up even earlier.

There was a time where I was team stay up all night and work even when I’m dog-tired.

And every now and then I’ll stay up and pull an all nighter if I’m close to the finish line on a book or project I’m working on but that’s not too often these days.

Myleik is the true definition of a go-getter and I love that she doesn’t complain or give up.

She simply makes it happen.

And that’s who I’m learning to become.

It’s my goal in 2017 that I pave my own way, create my own lane and avenue and DOMINATE.

I want to dominate everything I put my hands on.

Follow Myleik on Instagram and Twitter

Also check out her podcast on Itunes, you will not regret it.



2.     Essence Hayes

I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this brown-skinned beauty but she’s bomb and I love following her.

She works as hard as me and I work as hard as her and in this day and age we need that, we need accountability. We need support. We need to surround ourselves around like-minded individuals whether it’s virtual or not.

I’m in Atlanta and she resides in New York but she supports me and I support her

I’m truly grateful for that.

In this industry, whether it’s literary or jewelry – which is her field.

Support is support and we need more of it.

Black people we have to do better.

I want us all to challenge ourselves to support more people on our timelines.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

 It takes nothing to repost or share a link.

Absolutely nothing.

I appreciate Essence for being who she is and I’m rooting for her as she rapidly climbs her way up the ladder of success.

You can follow Essence on IG at @essencemurjani and check out her 2 ventures @coloringpins and she has the ORIGINAL black girl magic necklaces!


3.     Sarah Jakes Roberts

One word to describe this beautiful woman of GOD! – BRILLIANT

I’ve been following Sarah for about two years but I truly believed God blessed her this year. She’s like a long lost homegirl. Her growth is so amazing. I hope that one day I truly tap into my anointing and my purpose and that God gives me the courage to share my testimony with the masses. Sarah is the daughter of T.D. Jakes and the wife of Pastor Toure Roberts and she’s also a proud mother of three.

Ive read all of Sarah books and I love her podcast.

My favorites right now are Cold Season, Empty Handed and Power Moves.

I appreciate Sarah because she’s transparent. Yes, she’s a First Lady but she’s still human. You can see what I mean by following her on social media at @sarahjakesroberts on Instagram and Snapchat.

She’s so bomb and her blog is too!


4.     Nakia Roberson

Nakia is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram! She’s so funny and smart.

Nakia is keeping it real in the ATL with every post that she puts up. Every week you can guarantee that she’s going to share what’s good on tv, what’s she cooking or her new favorite tunes. At the tender age of 41, she’s married with three adult kids that she loves to post and share their accomplishments.

Currently, Nakia is fighting cancer but you wouldn’t even be able to tell because she’s still smiling and enjoying life.

Nakia is a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia where she specializes in relocations and catering to the celebs in making sure that their lifestyles needs are met.

Nakia’s post are always motivation because she literally made it out poverty and isn’t afraid to talk about it. She’s the bomb and she’s my mama!

Follow her on @cometoatlanta


5.     Necole Kane

I’ve always loved me some necolebitchie but I LOVEEEE necole kane and I applaud her for stepping out on faith and doing what she loves.

Necole shut her gossip site down when it was at its peak to follow her purpose and her passion which was empowerment andhelping women discover their purpose.

You can often find me in the midnight hour on xonecole reading the articles that are posted simply because they cater to the every day girl, no matter the race or background.

Necole is also an avid-traveler which is a long-term goal of mine, to travel around the world and document my travels.

Necole is extremely positive and I love that about her.

You can follow Necole on Instagram and Twitter at @xonecole and check out her website xonecole. Com and her personal blog is iamnecolekane.com



And you can follow me onTwitter and Instagram @nakoexpo and check out my blog The Passport, where I am offering stamps to women who are seeking contentment and purpose.