"ANTI" taught me....


The 5 things Rihanna’s album “ANTI” taught me.

Disclaimer: I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna’s (kinda, a lil bit….not really)

Okay first let me say there were a few choice songs of Rihanna’s that I enjoyed, like Skin…SKIN is my shit. I love that song and I’ve made great memories to that song lol.

at first I wasn’t going to listen to the album for a few reasons at the time it wasn’t on Apple Music and because I was still jamming to the tunes of Bryson Tiller and Bieber and Kevin Gates new album so the burning desire to switch up my riding music wasn’t there but I kept seeing statuses, posts and tons of screenshots of how her album was freaking amazing. One person whose opinion I trust is Angela Simmons lol it doesn’t matter if it’s Reggae, Gospel or Latino song whatever she post on her Instagram I immediately go to download and homegirl hasn’t let me down yet.

I’ll never forget the night I played “ANTI” I was gearing up to write all night, my goal was to do ten thousand wordsbefore I went to lay down and I was juiced up to go in. my mother recently signed the family up for Tidal so I was on the website playing around and listening to a few of my favorite throwbacks when the “What’s New” tab caught my attention so I clicked it and saw that “ANTI” was on there….i sighed and even rolled my eyes thinking, “What she on here singing about?”


Was I in for a big surprise.


The next day I texted my homegirl and was like girl we going to her concert, we gotta go.

A few days later I went and got the cutest Givenchy-inspired mini dress with black boots.

So imagine how mad I am now that she pushed the concert back, I wanted to leave crazy comments under her picture on Instagram but then I remembered how horrible Drake sounded the last time I saw him in concert so I left her alone, thanking her in my head for pushing the concert back until her voice was up to par.

Rihanna’s album came at the perfect time because I’m slowly but surely getting through a break up and her album has really helped me.

I love ANTI because it wasn’t full of slow and depressed songs, in fact I haven’t been listening to any sad songs only songs to keep me pumped up and energized. I don’t want anything reminding me of wasted time and memories that are simply just…memories. Things that will enver happen again.

So the 5 things ANTI taught me………

Woo – okay so I love this song for two reasons, my ex-ex boyfriend name is Woo and because he’s still very attractive to me every time I hear this song I’m like “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOOOOO-WOOOOOOOOOOO” LOL! My favorite line in this song is, “to bad she’s just eating off your dreams” I wish my ex nothing but the worst with whomever he’s with because he truly had a gem in me and it is what it is. This song taught me that it doesn’t matter what he did to me, you can’t help who you love and I love him, still do, always will. Just know I deserve way better.  “tell me about your picture perfect love” “ I don’t really care about you no more” self explanatory
Same Ol’ Mistakes – this song taught me that they won’t change and you can’t change a man who doesn’t see any problems in their actions. The signs are there, Rihanna tells us to pay attention and she tells me, “feel like a brand new personnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”

I learned to accept an apology that will never probably come and that’s okay with me.

Needed Me – this song taught me that I’m the WINNER, MVP, the PRIZE.

Rihanna gave me a confidence boost. Every time I hear this song I’m like what was I thinking when I stayed up crying over you all of those nights “You needed me, you neeeeeeeeeedeeeed me” it makes me think about the days I thought I wasn’t good enough but in reality it was him that wasn’t good enough for me. this song reminded me to never forget my worth or compromise my standards to make him or any other man feel like they’re reigning supreme. Thanks Rih

Yeah I Said It – although this song is only two minutes I freaking loveeeeee it, it’s probably in my top three songs.

This song made me remember that life is short and I’ve been in a relationship for three years like OMG it’s time to do me and live a little. So if I want to go on a date Monday-Friday that’s what I’ll do. Although I probably won’t lol this song makes me want to let my hair down, snatch my glasses off, close the laptop and go out on the town and enjoy myself. Definitely one of my favorites on the album. I’m 22 and I’m not interested in anything long-term right now. I just want to make good memories in 2016 with my girls and maybe a boy toy every now and then.

Favorite line – I want you to homicide it…..

Love On The Brain – Oh my God, I love this song so much. I freaking adore this beautiful song. It reminds me of the song, All I Could Do Is Cry by Etta James but the Beyonce version. This song does something to me. “Don’t you stop loving me, don’t quit loving me”

It makes me a little bipolar because my thoughts are all over the place when I hear this song. I’m like okay do I love him or do I not? Lol but then she says, “It must be love on the brain that gots me feeling this way”

Rihanna this album is genius.

Thank you!

Sincerely a fan.