Dear Writer

Dear Writer,

I wish that I someone would have wrote this letter to me but they didn’t so now it’s important that you read this carefully and take what I say to heart and not to your head. It’s a big difference between writing for you and writing for others. Before charts and checks became important, writing was fun, it was therapeutic and it was something I did because I wanted too. Because I’m an honest person I’ll admit to you that every now and then, and when I say every now and then…I mean every now and then…. Writing becomes fun again. it becomes my safe haven. I’m able to escape and remember why I started in the first place.

I miss those days, those days where nothing else mattered but falling in love with my characters, women like Farren Knight, Ella Sullivan and Evelyn Houston…where are those women? Women who didn’t care about waking up to being number one or landing in the top ten.

Women who didn’t fret when the check didn’t have a comma in it.

I miss those characters.

I miss the story lines that went on and on, without a word count goal or deadline in mind.

Those days have seemed to pass me by and now it’s a struggle for me.

So dear writer, before you cross over to the dark side be sure if its worth it.

If writing is the one thing that you embrace, the one thing that makes you YOU, then be careful before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Now let me say this when you do sign be sure that you talked to God before you made your decision. I made the biggest mistake of my life by rushing into a contract with the wrong company. Do your research and ask questions. Be sure that you are entering a place of happiness, peace and most importantly a positive atmosphere. If the publisher that you’re interested in doesn’t know your work then how can they publish you and promote you to the public?

Ask yourself these questions, what are the authors signed to the company doing? Where are their books located? Can you find them in other places besides one website? Are they happy with their current placement? How much money are they making? These questions are important. My favorite question what is the publisher investing in relations to the forty or fifty percent they’re receiving besides ordering a book cover and paying for edits. How many contacts do they have on their constant contact? How many LIKES on their author page? How many people are in their reading group? Do they have a website? How often does the authors on the roster dropping books? How is promotion being handled outside of social media? Are paperbacks included in the contract? Do they support local events and book signings? Am I eligible for a signing bonus?

Do your research.

Growth is real and to be stagnant is a disease.

Dear Writer, before you submit your hard work look over it, pray over it, get it copyrighted make sure it’s your very best because the first try is the hardest. You want your first book to do well, never apologize for wanting to be the best you can be.

Dear Writer, you have to invest in yourself. Create an author page, invite people to LIKE your page once a week, create a constant contact to stay in touch with your readers, get a logo and identify your writing style and genre. Read the reviews of other books in the genre you want to become apart of.

Dear Writer, please remain you. I see so many new writers struggling with their identity. Not aware of their purpose so they find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Dear Writer, know who you are before you sign that contract. Please.

Dear Writer, protect your writing like you would protect your mother or children’s life.

Dear Writer, before your release day pray pray pray and read over your work until it’s time to submit that file you have the power to do whatever is needed.

Dear Writer, the transition from writer to author can be bittersweet. You can become a success overnight or you’ll have to work for it. however don’t stop writing, don’t stop dreaming either.

Dear Writer this industry can eat you alive. People will lie, attempt to tarnish your name and discredit your workbut stay strong.

Dear Writer, be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Dear Writer, beware of those that are friendly in your inbox but silent on your timeline.

Dear Writer, it doesn’t kill you to share a link. We’re all out here trying to make it

Dear Writer, tuck your feelings. Please.

Dear Writer, this can be your career just be prepared to do whatever it takes. Sacrificing sleep and a social life are first on the list.

I can only speak from experience, I’m fourteen months in and eighteen books down and so many more to go. But what do I know?

God Bless You

Writer turned Author