Beyonce Taught Me. An open to letter to the Queen

An Open Letter to Beyonce

First and foremost, I must give credit where its due, when one of my readers suggested I write an open letter to her I was like OMG that’ll be so cool. But it wasn’t until I experienced FORMATION in person..and that’s when I knew I had to write her. Even if she never reads this letter, I have to express how amazing she is.

It’s sad that we as women don’t praise each other, I never understood why we hold back on telling each other, “Congrats” “Keep up the hard work” “You’re grinding”

But Beyonce, honey, you deserve every clap you received last night.

Last night, I had the opportunity to witness greatness. Me and my mama lucked up on tickets, we were out shopping and I was in a optical boutique trying on new frames for the summer when I saw that someone had tickets for sale, and they were some really good seats.

OMG me and mama left that store so fast and went to get our tickets.

Prior to the FORMATION World tour, I’ve seen Beyonce in concert a few times, mainly with Destiny’s Child back in the day so imagine how I felt last night.

Songs such as Resentment, Me Myself and I, Tshirt and my all time favorite, Drunk In Love have inspired tons of my storylines and characters but FORMATION exposed me.

Beyonce, on behalf of me and probably millions of other women who have been cheated on, dragged through hell, liedto, betrayed, rejected, torn apart..thank you.

I don’t care if it’s a marketing strategy, ploy or whatever else the blogs are reporting it to be.

I know pain when I hear it, I too, am a creative soul…so honey I know when I hear the truth.

Thank you.

Thank you for allowing your loyal fans in on your life, thank you for connecting with us.

Me and someone, I can’t remember right now..but we were just saying it’s no more, “fuck niggas” music, we don’t have that “I’m mad at my man” music.

It seems like every artist I grew up listening too are all married now and in love.

I’m happy for them I really am.

But what about me?

I had began to give up on R & B music until you dropped #LEMONADE

With tears streaming down my face, I rocked my body to songs such as Love Drought and Sandcastles.

I pounded my fist in the air and sung loudly, “I BREAK CHAINS ALL BY MYSELF”

Lemme tell you something, my 20th book dropped the other day, I didn’t even know it was out. I was headed to Phipps to buy me a bag when my publisher texted me and said share my link.

I didn’t know he was talking about my book lol. When I shared with him that I wanted to #LEMONADE my next release I didn’t know it would be my 20th book, but it was a genius move.

Instantly, I turned around in the middle of the street so I could go home and promote my book.

When the song Freedom came on in my car it wasn’t my first time hearing the song considering that Lemonade had been out fora few days at the time. But I promise you I felt as if that was my first time hearing the song.

I sung every line proudly, because only God and my mama knows the bullshit I’ve been through this year.

My breakup was the worst thing that I think could have ever happened to me and it wasn’t because we were so in love, but he was my “person”

He was my Christina and I was Dr. Grey.

He was my best friend and I never thought with me losing him as my boyfriend, our friendship would go too but I needed to cut all ties.

Freedom spoke to me because I was feeling so weary in well doing, sacrificing all of my sleep for writing and I didn’t feel my hard work paying off.

 At night I would be at my computer praying, typing and praying and finally something broke and I hit number one back to back.

For me, it meant more to me than a number on a chart.

It reminded me that I had purpose.

The song, Freedom has new meaning to me.

When she says, “I’ma keep running because winners don’t quit on themselves”


That’s my song right there.

Last night, as you sung Me Myself and I, I held my mama’s hand because she’s been my backbone through life. I sung with you girl, every line. I watched you close your eyes and take deep breathesin between verses as you poured your heart out.

That song was my “I got this” song, it’s gotten me through some very tough nights.

You taught me that being single wasn’t a curse with songs like Girls Run The World and Single Ladies.

Beyonce, you gave me strength, you gave me hope.

You reminded me that I’m more than enough for my sorry ass ex.

You reminded me that I have the freedom to do anything that I set my mind too.

You reminded me that I’m beautiful even when I don’t see results from the gym.

You reminded me that my ex will never be able to recreate me, so in the end it’s his loss and not mine.

Thank you for showing me YOU, thank you for being organic, transparent, thank you for being a black woman.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Resentment will be my best work this year and it’s because the way you sung that song on the tour with Jay-Z, that video gives me life.

You’ll probably never read this and that’s okay with me.

God bless you,