Chapter 6

Chapter 6

June has approached, June is here, June 1, 2016 do you know that you will never see this day again?

So what will you do differently?

June 1, 2016

Chapter 6

I woke up hype, ready, determined, dedicated, and anxious to make today be great.

Last night, before laying down in advance I declared that this day be beautiful, productive and full of unspeakable joy.

After hosting a reading discussion in my reading group, I plan on spending the month of June in silence.



Anticipating God’s glory.

I truly believe that when He shows up this month, He’s bringing His glory with me. so now it’s time for me to be obedient and wait on Him.

June isn’t my favorite month of the year, January and October is for their own respective reasons, but surprisingly I am super excited about the summer.

Not only is my summer filled with concerts and trips and me moving into my first home alone but it’s growth.

Literally, I see myself matriculating. I see myself changing right along with the seasons.

Who I was last month? I’m sure after fasting and meditation I won’t be this person by the end of June and that’s so fascinating to me.

June has more in store for me than I know and I’m prepared for newness.

2016hasn’t been the best year for me and if I’m allowed to be honest, I still find myself wishing I could redo a few actions this year.

 Sometimes out of loneliness I wish that I would have turned a silent ear to the things brought to me about my ex boyfriend and then I think about all of the blessings that have come my way after I made the leap of faith and moved back home.

2016 has also shown me that with hard work and dedication, I can accomplish my goals. When I tune everything else out and focus on what is before me, like my future I’m able to do everything I sought out to do.

In less than six weeks, I saw my career take right back off and God knows it was exactly what I needed in the midst of a dark storm.

Prayer works, seriously does.

Right along with me praying for my gift, my purpose, my dream and ultimate goal in life it was revealed to me that we don’t have because we don’t ask.

So I encourage you to be more specific and direct with the things you want and need out of 2016.

Put a demand on your blessings, that’s what I’m learning to do!

The days are now behind me where I devote tons of time into things that aren’t beneficial, my time is limited and so are my conversations. Because the second half of the year is mainly about building my brand there isn’t much spare time available.

Thankfully, I was blessed with the best family ever and a team of amazing people friends and supporters who I considered loved ones and for that I’m truly grateful.

for June, I’m doubling up on my grind, less sleep and more creativite sessions with myself.

I’m pushing myself to write, write, write and build my brand while I increase my following.

Every day of the month is accounted for and I am ready to see the results of my sacrifice already.

Now enough about me, I woke up this morning prepared to encourage and push you.

June will be good for you!

Before the day/night ends in your quiet time write down 5 goals you want to accomplish this month.

One of these goals should be financial, personal, spiritual, and then the other two are up to you.

Save this month.

Pray this month

Fast this month.

Forgive this month.

Smile more this month.

Travel this month.

Love this month.

Be you this month.

June is Chapter 6

How do you plan on spending the second half of the year?

It’s okay if chapters 1-5 werent the best, trust me mine weren’t perfect either but I refuse to allow that to dictate my summer.

Nope not doing it.

I’m determined to live the very best life I can

So you should too.

With Love