Dear Writer part II


Okay, first let me say that I’m not sorry for the wait, because this series of blogs is so real, so honest, so transparent, so raw and so unedited it takes a lot out of me to be so honest with strangers.

Dear Writer is different from writing my books and hiding behind characters, Dear Writer lets you in MY business.

But it’s needed.

Dear Writer caught the attention of so many authors, authors that I didn’t even know knew me. It’s also the most read blog on my website and so for that I’m thankful.

I want to tell you three things before I start my rant.

Sponsor your ads
Create a reading group and choose two of your loyal readers to run it
Start a mailing list. Constant Contact is the website. Send emails monthly.

3 months of being consistent of doing these three things and I can guarantee you will thank me. You’ll see an increase in your following and hopefully your checks as well.

Quick Testimony cus I love a good testimony:

I self published From His Rib, the third book in a series that I have called The Underworld. I was soooooooooo nervous simply because after a failed attempt of signing to another company and thinking that I would do well over there I was so over publishers and I told myself that I needed to trust my gut. So after asking a million people questions on what to do and where to go and how to do it. I DID IT.

No one knew.

I was in the kitchen and I said, “Fuck it” I’m uploading this book and I did it.

So fast forward…..

One of my favorite people B.M. Hardin texted me at like 3am, me and her are both night owls. She hit me up and was like girl reports are out how did you do.

She knew how nervous and also discouraged I was with From His Rib, okay so let me back up.

I was really frustrated with this book because part 1 and 2 didn’t do good and also this was my first 100k word book and it was sooooooooooo good but I was worried that because the first 2 parts didn’t do well that the book would flop.

Well, I ended up putting the book in the wrong category because I didn’t know what I was doing lol and again, it was my first time uploading my own book.

So the book did okay, not what I was used too at all.

So fast forward.

I  checked my report and fell the hell out.

Instantly, I started crying and praising God. I couldn’t believe that ON MY OWN I made that money.

No it wasn’t ten thousand dollars but it was a great great great amount and way more than I expected.

So needless to say I stepped out on faith and I was happy to do it.

However, self-publishing takes a lot of work and because my time is wrapped up I prefer to just drop my books and let God handle the rest. I don’t have release dates for any of my self published books it’s simply on good vibes and how I’m feeling. I trust my gut with everything I do. All I know is the month I want to drop everything else is in the air. I said that to say, you have to put the work in to receive the results you want.

The day that you take your career into your own hands is theday you’ll stop feeling like all of your hard work is in vain.

The day that you add all of your social media handles in the back of your book

The day that you tell your readers thank you for supporting my books and leaving reviews.

The day that you write an author bio and take professional pictures

The day that you spend more than fifty dollars on a sponsored ad

The day that you gift a few things in your reading group

The day that you write an extra five thousand dollars past your normal goal

The day that you share another author’s link or change your profile picture to their cover

The day that you invest in your own proof and test readers

The day that you utilize all of the reading groups on Facebook and schedule as many reading discussions you can

The day that you post exclusive sneak peeks between 2-7pm

The day that you secure an author logo/tagline and website

The day that you write more than a forty thousand word book

The day that you vow to remain focused and not give up the first time your book don’t hit number one is the day that you will succeed.

I’m cool with the number ones PLEASE don’t get me wrong, out of 23 books I have eleven number ones but I’m learning to celebrate whether I’m number one or number 29

Especially when I know that I put my all into my writing, I don’t write with the “charts” on my mind. I write for women.

The day that you sit down and establish a target market.

I don’t write for 18 year olds, not that 18 year olds don’t read my books but that’s not who my focus is on.

The majority of my books the characters are in their late twenties, why is that? Because according to Google women between the ages of 25-40 read and review books.

So guess who I’m writing for? Those women.

The majority of my readers are professional woman, so my characters are ambitious, mogul-minded women who are chasing their dreams.

Go read your reviews, not the good ones but the critical ones.

You’ll grow by understanding those better.

The positive ones are cute, the critical ones will hurt your feelings but trust that you’ll grow from them.

Dear Writer,

I know you just finished writing your “best” book but did you pray over it? Did you have about three trusted test readers to read it for you? Did you make sure that the storyline flowed and was consistent? Did you make sure that after every five thousand words or so there was an “aha” moment or juicy sex or action scene?

Dear Writer,

You just signed your first publishing contract and now you don’t know what to do. Well I hope that you’ve began to attract other readers and authors, in hopes togain some support for when your first release drops.

Dear Writer,

You’ve yet to make more than five thousand dollars a month but you’re on your tenth book and you don’t understand why. What are your reviews saying? How many groups did you promote in? How much money did you spend on promotions? Did your family and friends support the book? Did you askyour label mates to post the link in their reading group and author pages? Are you sure that you’ve utilized everyone in your circle?

Dear Writer,

You want a successful series but don’t know where to start. Well did you research the top twenty books in the genre you write in. did you read their reviews, study the synopsis and write down the title. You have to learn the competition and go from there. And I tell any aspiring author, any time I’m working on a series I never drop my part 1 until my part 2 is outlined or at least the first 3 chapters are written. No one wants to wait three months for a book. Series can be successful if done right, don’t give too much away in part 1. Introduce at least 4 characters in your part 1 and grow them throguhotu the series. Make sure you have at least one character that they can relate too, one character that the ladies will love and one that everyone will want to kill. It’s possible to have a successful series just be ready to do the work. I personally prefer to write stand alone books but in this industry, series are more profitable.

Dear Writer,

Don’t drop your book in Urban Fiction if your book is not Urban. Have this conversation with your publisher. If you know that you’re aren’t writing an urban fiction book but it’s in urban anyway and you get mad when you don’t get the results you were expecting it’s because you’re in the wrong genre. PSA: Amazon has tons ofcategories, find the one for you.

Dear Writer,

Editors, Graphic designers, proof readers and promoters are people too. Tell them thank you. a thank you card or simple email goes a long way.

Dear Writer,

Your readers want to talk to you. take one hour out of your “busy” week and talk to them. Not about your books or your releases but about life and love.

You have the potential to be the best author you can be, you have the potential to change the game or to get those number ones your heart truly desires.

Just do the work.

Ask questions.





Then promote some more.

If you’re interested in taking your career to the next level but don’t know where to start, I am available for private consultation.

Email for more information

God bless,

Writer turned Author