I woke up feeling blessed and if I’m allowed to be honest today, I woke up feeling a little bit more motivated then I normally have these past few weeks…even months. As a full-time writer, this is what I do, this is who I am. I write books, I create stories, it is my ultimate goal to press towards a higher mark and ultimately change lives through my words, one beautiful woman at a time.

Last night, as I spoke with my business bestie (every aspiring boss should have one) I told her I’m looking for my next goal with a flashlight. I’ve made the money, I’ve bought  the house, I’m traveling as often as my writing schedule allows me too…so now what?

What do I do now?

Thankfully, the good Lord blessed me with more than one gift so my hands and eyes are everywhere. I now prefer to write all day and research all night. I’m researching new ways of making money, building a profitable brand and how to be the best boss I can be.

I’m also working on myself.

No matter where you get in life or how much you acquire, you will always be an ongoing project.

The demands of life aren’t easy, trust me.

The other day I finished book 25 and only word kept coming to me as I wrote the end and that was, resilience.

I had accomplished a goal.

The goal was only ten books and look at me now at 25.


God is beyond good.

 I have cried through this journey, prayed through this journey, trusted the wrong people and made more mistakes then I could count.

But the good thing is I learned.

I learned what NOT to do and who NOT to talk too.

My timing is different these days, my moves are different. my conversation is even different.

I don’t have to be on the phone with this person and that person, I don’t even care who drops this day and that day.

I have learned that What God has for me, it is for me.

I don’t fret about things I can’t control.

Some may call it being nonchalant but I call it grace and favor.

I’m favored and carried.

I entitled this blog, “FORMATION”

Not because I’m overly obsessed with Beyonce but because I’m there..i’m here.

I’m in formation.

It’s okay for me to celebrate my accomplishments.

It’s people that only dream to write as many books as I have in nineteen months at that.


But the crazy thing is I’m not satisfied at all.

During prayer this morning I asked God to keep me dedicated and motivated.

But for me to remain humble in doing so, I then asked Him to spark joy in my heart.

I don’t get excited as I used too and that saddens me.

It’s hard to acquire the juice when writing, well let me say it’s hard to KEEP the juice and sometimes I have to pep myself back up to get to the finish line because I put myself on very strict deadlines, sometimes fourteen days and then other books are twenty-onedays depending on the desired word count.

But with Book 25, I didn’t struggle, didn’t worry, I didn’t complain. Writing book 25 got me in formation.

I took my time with this book, starting on May 20, really getting deep on June 2 and finishing up on July 8.

100 thousand words of pure love.

This book flowed from me effortlessly to the point where once I reached 60k I was like, “Ican’t end it here” and tossed my notebooks away and continued to write.

I didn’t care that my readers were waiting and I was being asked a million questions in my inbox. My only response was “coming soon”

I couldn’t let book 25 be a rushed job.

It had to be a masterpiece.

I was searching for perfection.

Formation is defined is the action of forming or process of being formed.

Formation is also defined as a structure or arrangement of something.

I’m in formation.

Now that book 25 is here (coming out today if you didn’t know)

I have challenged myself to be better and do better.

Not just as nakoreya the woman, but nako the author, nakoxpo the business and brand, koko the friend.

I’m striving to become a better me.

Book 25 showed me that ALL things are possible through Christ.

I’m a living testimony, I was supposed to have given up a long time ago.

Imagine hitting number one back to back seven books STRAIGHT and then going down…

I thought it was over for me and the sad part is those first seven number ones are not even my best work.

It’s something about The Underworld that makes me smile and blush.

I birthed a project that is exceeding all of my expectations.

Lauren Howard is my favorite character of The Underworld and for my readers reading this, I know I say that about every character I write.

But for various reasons, I adore Lauren Howard because her story is still being written.

This is the first book I’ve written that doesn’t come with an happy ending.

But please stay tuned, God is not finished with Lauren yet.

Just as He isn’t finished with me or you.

Get in formation.

Strive to do better, be better.

Pray more, worry less.

Stay in your own lane.

Remain humble.

Keep your mouth closed.

Your business is your business.

God bless you

With love