Alignment is defined as the act of aligning parts of a machine, arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions. Alignment is also defined as the route or course of a road or railroad and the position of agreement or alliance.

When recapping 2016, I had a lot of things to smile about and thank God for, but for the most part I was rejoicing as the clock struck twelve.

I considered it a blessing to be able to start fresh and renew my mind, body and most importantly my soul.

2016 was shitty for me despite meeting my financial goals and a few other personal goals. But overall, I wasn’t impressed with the growth of me. In life, I only want to progress and become the best person I can andI didn’t feel as I if I did that last year.

Many words crossed my mind as I thought about how my 2017 would go, or should I say how I wanted it to go.

Alignment was the one word that stuck with me, but other words were grace, liberation and freedom.

I wanted to be free from my past and old experiences and people.

There were so many that I foolishly allowed to return and if I’m allowed to be honest it was due to fear, it was due to anxiety and sadly, I wasn’t sure if I knew how to be alone.

But somehow someway, by the middle of the summer I realized that I was better off by myself and I stepped into a new mindset – FREEDOM by BEYONCE heavily inspired me.

I adopted several new habits, good ones I must say. Slowly but surely, I got myself together and I’m happy about that.

I learned that sleep was for the millionaires and for months now I’m up and out of the bed by ten, which is huge for me because I was once the girl that slept well into the afternoon.

I adopted a stronger work ethic, and I learned how to prioritize.

Balance has always been the area where I struggled, I either worked hard and said fuck everything else or I was out and about and neglected work.

But in 2016, I learned how to do both, successfully.

For those that are familiar with The Passport, then you’re aware that I went through a very bad breakup and forgave my ex over and over again throughout 2016 up until literally, Christmas Day where I decided enough was enough and I had to let the nigga go.

This blog is entitled, ALIGNMENT because no longer will I do things that aren’t according to God’s will

Literally every decision I make, every conversation I find myself in, my thoughts, my dreams, my worries, even down to whom I allow in my bed at night…it needs to be aligned.

I refuse to go another year, lost and looking for love and purpose in life.

I refuse to give so much of myself and not get it back in return from men, friends, career decisions, etc.

I refuse to shed tears due to feeling empty and weary.

See, when you get in order, when you get in formation, when you’re ALIGNED with God then you don’t have to worry about feeling stupid at the end of the day.

I’m constantly asking God for signs and wonders, clear signs and messages of confirmation for when I’m trying to make a decision.

Ultimately, the right decision.

I want to be aligned for 2017 and in decency and in order.

My dreams, my destiny, my purpose, my vision, my brand, my business – these are my focuses for 2017. Everything that I have going on falls under these few choice words.

The woman that has no purpose is a woman that needs prayer and a lot of it.

I’m thankful for my purpose but now I need God’s help to stay aligned with my purpose.

I never want to get weary in well doing in 2017 because my 2016 was filled with weariness.




Some of us can’t get aligned because we’re still stuck in the past.

I have a friend who is still holding on to so many dead people and situations and it’s so annoying and you know, you can only tell someone something so many times before you just give up and let them learn on their own.

I know this because I had friends that were fed up with me over a few situations and I had to learn on my own.


We have to align with our purpose and most importantly God.

I’m in a place where I all want to do is aspire to inspire and create.

Any and everything I do I need it to align with my purpose and my brand because that’s my paycheck.

The other day I celebrated my two year “peniversary” something that I didn’t even know existed until I saw one of my readers post it in my reading group and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

But in that moment it led me to take a few minutes and bask in the little success I’ve acquired in the past two years.

Never in a million years would I have expected to be in this place, not worrying or being stressed. I consider it a blessing to wake up every morning and do what I want to do like literally every single day I write.

When you’re prepared to really align with what God has for you, so many things can’t come with you.

Mindsets, habits, people, situations, routines – all of those things die.

Being aligned is important, being aligned is a serious decision that you have to make when you’re READY.

I told my good friend the other day when you’re aligned you don’t get any day offs.

So be careful what you ask God for.

The one thing I love about being aligned is that you’re always on go.

You’re on accord.

 No matter what.

 I’m one of those if “God don’t lead me kind of people” even with this here blog I’ve been trying to sit and write it every day and every day nothing came to me.

I have to do things when He tells me too.

I can’t just make myself sit down and write, everything that flows from me has to be from my heart and soul.

It has to be honest and transparent.

This blog was supposed to have so many other names omg I promise you and then God gave me this word – alignment.

So please hear me loud and clear when I tell you – get aligned.

Don’t let another year pass you by and you’re not living in your purpose.

Im allergic to stagnant people and I despise idle conversation these days.

 Even with guys, although I’m somewhat involved right now – that blog is coming next month in lieu of Valentines’ Day I still don’t have time for bullshit.

When you’re aligned it’s like certain things aggravate you much easier and your tolerance is short.

And at the same time when you’re aligned and really trusting God to show up and show out in your life, He will send whose for you.

I told someone last night- you just gotta wait on Him.

God knows what you need and most importantly when you need it.

Get aligned.


The Passport will be challenging you to go above your standards.

The Passport is here to help you get aligned and STAY aligned.

Don’t start off strong and don’t finish strong, Oh My God please don’t do that!

I’m here if ya need me