The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot.


So I’m really big on research and reading, like seriously when someone asks me what I love to do or what do I do in my spare time, nine times out of ten I’m going to say, ‘uh research’

I love writing ,strategizing, creating content, marketing, branding and all of that starts with research.

For hours, I can lay in bed or sit at my desk and read articles, watch videos and ultimately learn something new.

Since I’ve recently moved into my new home I’m still slowly but surely locating all of my good notebooks and I’m still searching for this one notebook with words in it.

For about a year or two, every day I wrote down a new word that I learned.

I wish to start that routine again being that I only want to elevate in 2017.

But nevertheless, I said that to say – last night while in bed I did some research on blogs, monetizing your blog, scheduling content and how to land big features, sponsorship, advertising and so forth and so on.

And so recently I sort-of redesigned the delivery of The Passport meaning that you won’t just hear from me simply because I know that I’m not the only person with a voice or a purpose.

I opened my platform to other women, currently, I have five contributors on The Passport and I’m extremely grateful for these women. For a few reasons but one being because they must have hope in The Passport…in the vision…in my purpose.

I couldn’t offer them money but I promised them that the foundation is being built and I would never forget them.

I promised them that even if the blogs aren’t on Baller Alert or even though I don’t have the following as other blogs such as xonecole and Blavity there are women that are being blessed by my blogs – by the stamps being offered in The Passport.

Ultimately, my goal is to have 50 contributors by the end of the year.

 Big goal – big dream

So last night during my research I saw someone ask another blogger – how often should she drop content and the woman said keep it on a schedule which was cool with me because since the new year has come I had this thing in my head and I shared it with my contributors that we would drop stamps once a week on Tuesday and to have your blog in days prior so I could edit and get it ready for upload.

But here I am, writing a new stamp after already dropping one yesterday entitled, ALIGNMENT.

This morning I woke up pretty early due to falling asleep at nine.

I’ve been having long days because I wake up so early in the morning, so by eight or nine home girl is in the bed and knocked out.

And then my boyfriend has to be at work by seven and as quiet as he thinks he is in the morning he’s really not.

So on most days once he leaves I cant fall back asleep which is okay because the early bird always catches the worm.

I woke up this morning ,watched him dressed and while he moved around the room I prayed for his day, his mind and his peace.

He has a lot going on right now and I know he doesn’t want to bother me with all of his problems so I just prayed silently.

Once he left, I was still sort of wrapped up in God’s spirit and then that led me to think about the people in my life, where I am right now and truly where I want to be and before I knew it I was flipping the comforter back and getting out of bed ready to shout, not being able to contain myself any longer.

After deep thoughts and praise, I shared my lil’ comments on Facebook as I always do since I like motivating others when they probably can’t motivate themselves and then I made the bed and prepared for another beautiful and productive day.

I came downstairs, washed dishes from last night’s amazing dinner and straightened up the kitchen and living room.

And then I remembered that me and Cierra had a conversation about a podcast that she had listened too.

I’m one of those people that has to do everything in God’s timing. I say this all the time because its true.

I know when God wants me to move, wants me to shift, wants me to elevate and move forward.

Thankfully, He reveals himself to me.

So today I knew for a fact that it was time I listened to the sermon.

It was called The Sweet Spot and you can listen on Youtube or on your podcast app.

The Sweet Spot was preached by First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts aka SISTER SARAH as me and one of my good friends call her.

The Sweet Spot blessed me so much that I said who cares about scheduling content and all of that junk, I’m sharing these stamps as they come.

So here is today’s STAMP, hope you enjoy!


The Sweet Spot.

Have you really tapped in to your sweet spot?

Let me ask you this, where are you? 

I pose this question all of the time because some of us really don’t know where are we nor do we know who we are.

We don’t know much of nothing but sadly, what we do know is who posted this, whose dating who and whose doing what.

It’s embarrassing to say – but why are you so concerned with what everyone else is doing?

I told my sister two days ago, I snap for me lol.

No seriously, my favorite person to follow on Snapchat is myself simply because I watch my snaps all day.

I’m for me. You gotta be for you.

The Sweet Spot changed my perspective this morning.

It left me with so many questions.

1.     who am I really?

2.     Who am I in this season and what am I supposed to do this in season with my purpose?

3.     Does my purpose align with God’s purpose?

4.     Are the people around me dedicated and connected to helping me stay aligned with my purpose

5.     What am I NOT doing to stay connected?

6.     Where is my sweet spot?


I love being convicted, many people don’t but from God….baby you can convict me all day.

The Sweet Spot led me to wonder about the relationships in my life which was simply right on time because I’ve removed and distanced myself from a LOT of people. And no it’s not because, there was an argument or because something went wrong it’s because there is no meaning in the friendship.

 There is no purpose.

What are we talking about? What do we spend our time doing?

I had a conversation with my good friend Monday night over crabs and she shared with me that she felt the same way.

So I said and how do you handle it? How do you let it go and not feel bad.

She shrugged her shoulders and told me that it was simple. Move on. She then shared with me that the majority of her friends (the real ones) are the ones that she rarely spoke too or saw. And so I said, omg yess that’s how I feel.

And honestly, that’s how I felt about her lol. I don’t talk to her on a weekly basis but we often do dinner and check in with each other about life and career moves.

So then The Sweet Spot said something today that was right on time, - when was the last time a friendship fulfilled you? When was the last time a relationship fulfilled you?


I stress this so much but you have to be strong in your decisions, stop settling, stop being miserable.

I shared with someone a few days ago, -why talk to someone you know you don’t like.

What does that do for you?

If I don’t like you I won’t talk to you ,it’s so simple.

Everyone isn’t for you and you aren’t for everybody.

And that’s really okay.

The Sweet Spot challenged me to be bold in my decisions and stick with them.

Currently, I’m figuring out so much about life and I don’t know what to do some days.

Most mornings I wake up optimistic and confident and by the middle of the day I’m doomed and weary.

You know you gotta be careful what you pray for because when God blesses you with it will you be ready?

Are you prepared to handle the blessings that He has for you?


Man, this sermon was right on time.

Sister Sarah reassured me that where I am right now is temporary.

She told me that “it’s justa season girl”

You’re coming out of this thing.

You are going to be VICTORIOUS.

If I’m allowed to be transparent this morning, I’m scared.

Since the new year came I’ve been scared.

I told cierra last night while we talked I said I don’t know how to feel about this year. I feel like I wanna start it over.

I haven’t done anything I said I was going to do, those new habits that I was supposed to adopt aren’t so easily to do.

The diet…is hard.

The new morning lifestyle…is difficult.

It seemed as if things were going the opposite way of how I needed them to be.

And I was crying more then rejoicing.

But oh The Sweet Spot….

God you are so good.

God is capable of knowing something and not showing you because if you knew you wouldn’t work as hard as you did – sister sarah

God wants me to stay hungry for His blessings.

Man that brought tears to my eyes.

The dark days.

I’m thankful for the dark days.

The Sweet Spot.

I told Cierra that I wish I could get just a glimpse on what to expect from this year.

I don’t wanna be surprised, I wanna know what’s going to happen.

God willI have another successful financial year?

God will I lose this weight?

God will the relationship I’m currently in last?

God will the business ventures that I’m putting so much of my time and money in, will they be successful, will they return a profit?

God is it possible for me to still be a good writer? Even though I feel drained and ready to do something new?

God will people still love me if I stop biting my tongue?

God will you send the friends I rightfully deserve?

God will you bless me anyhow?

God will you keep my mind?

God will you bless my mother’s health?

These are questions I have ,this is what keeps me up at night.

This is what makes me cry and worry.

But then I heard The Sweet Spot.

We have to cast ourcares upon HIM.

God is here to help us understand.

Stay aligned

Keep your heart in the right place.

I truly believe that everything is going to be okay.

God will bless you.

He will move you.

No worries.

The Sweet Spot.

I truly believe that things are being prepared for me and for you too.

This stamp is to encourage you to stay connected, stay focused, stay motivated.

My life is not for me, I truly want to change the world, I truly want to bless others.

I spend a lot of time in my reading group.

I spend a lot of time talking to women, older and younger then me .

And then The Sweet Spot reminded me that – there are people waiting on me.

There are people waiting on my purpose.

Man, that blessed my spirit.

I truly want to change the world one book at a time, one woman.

The PASSPORT was designed for that very reason.

I don’t have much to say today.

 But I highly encourage you to go listen to the sermon.

Tune your ear into Him.

God is with you always.

And He wants to go with you wherever you’re going.

I’m still basking in the presence of God.