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Black Girl Magic

What does it mean to have Black Girl Magic?

Black Girl Magic phrase was created by CaShawn Thompson to celebrate our beauty, power and resilience. 

Though honestly we've been magical.  This phrase empowers us as Black women. We are showing up and showing out in droves from the big screen to financial world. 

Here is a list of them to name a few......

Ericka Dotson co-founder and director of Indique Hair, Tiffany the budgetnista, Oprah Winfrey, Ursula Burns CEO of Xerox, First Lady Michelle Obama, Nako Roberson. 

Essence Magazine  dedicated its February issue to the cast of Hidden Figures featuring Oscar Award winning Octavia Spencer, Oscar Nominated Taraj P. Henson  and singer-songwriter, Janelle Monae. Hidden Figures is currently number  one right now in the box office now if that isn't Black Girl Magic I don't know what is.  

To me, Black Girl Magic is defined as women that look like me and inspire me to do more and want more. To be fierce in all of the things that I do.  We are the backbone of our communities, we are the giver of life and we birthed a nation.  

 Black Girl Magic is so powerful Jesse Williams mentioned it in his acceptance speech at the BET Awards.  

There will always be someone who doesn't want to see us love ourself. 

Why is it when we empower each other, sometimes people get offended? We aren't saying we are anti anything else, or you can't be outstanding in your own rights. Black Girls Do Rock! 

Others groups wanted to discredit us women.

 Why are we not allowed to celebrate and enjoy our blackness or the fact we do rock and are magical.

Black Girl Magic is happening is this very group of women, NRG women. Starting with the woman who brought us all together with her amazing books, NAKO.

Black Girl Magic is when I witnessed my daughter host her first event uplifting and promoting young, gifted and black women entrepreneurs. 

Black Girl Magic is watching my youngest daughter conduct research to start a cosmetics line for women of color.  

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Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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