The N List

1. Coloring Pins
So you must already know that I'm an avid lover of all things Essence Hayers and I'm currently obsessed with her newest business venture of fashion and most importantly BLACK GIRL MAGIC statements in the form of pins and patches.
Order yours today at

2. Hidden Figures
If you have not seen this perfect dose of BLACK GIRL MAGIC, you are missing out. When the movie was over I literally sat in my seat with the wheels in my head turning and turning. Wondering what can I go home and do differently. Hidden Figures, was excellent. The film has already been critically-acclaimed and award winning. The cast stars Octavia Spencer, my girl Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae.
 It takes viewers back in time to let you know that even before we knew our magic existed, it was within us.
3. Color Like A Boss
One of my favorite readers gifted me this adult coloring book for the boss chicks and I love it. It's the perfect form of therapy after a long day. The graphics have been designed with girls who are full of BLACK GIRL MAGIC. Grab your coloring book on Amazon today.

4.  The Sweet Spot

So, I promised myself that since I'm currently in love with podcast, I was going to make sure each N List features a podcast. The SWEET SPOT by First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts changed my life and perspective on where I am, whose around me and most importantly where I am going in the months to come. Give it a listen on Youtube or via your podcast app by typing in One Church LA. You will not regret it! 

5. Jasmine Mans

Poet. Revolutionist. Leader. Feminist. Queer. Voice of the people. Beautiful black Queen whose super epic. Hear her thoughts via Youtube and follow her on Instagram - poetjasminemans.