Single on Valentine's Day? So What?

Single on Valentine’s Day

8 Things to do on February 14th

February 14th will mark my umpteenth year of being single on Valentine’s Day. Some years I’ve been bitter and sad. Other years I’ve been nonchalant. Well I decided to make 2017 different. This year I’ve intentional about self-care and self-love. There will be no pity moments but moments of fun, love and happiness. My other single sistas I empower you to join me in having a GREAT Valentine’s Day. In contemplating on what I wanted to do this year, I’ve compiled a list of 8 things singles can do this Valentine’s Day other than sit at home and be sad. Enjoy!

Love Yourself

This is the most important tips and one you can use every day. Love isn’t exclusively to relationships. Before a relationship you must love yourself! As Luther Vandross says “And if you can't be. With the one you love it’s alright, Go ahead and love the one, Love the one you’re with… “Do something to strengthen the love that you have for yourself. Write down words of affirmations, things that you love about yourself, your goals for the year and/or read words of inspiration.

Girls Night   

Plan a girl’s night out with your single girlfriends. Have a spa day, get dolled up and go to dinner, Happy Hour, karaoke, Netflix and chill, or just hang out in the house with your PJ’s and wine. Valentine's Day is about having a good time with those you love, so call your girlfriends and enjoy your day.

Pamper Yourself

Take the attention off the day and place it back on you with a self-care day. Relish your day by pampering yourself. Use your favored home spa treatment, or go out and spend the day getting your, hair or nails done, or schedule a massage.

Devote Time to Spend With a Love One

Perhaps your dad, mom and/or grandparent is also alone. It would be an awesome idea to hang out with them. I’m sure you both would love the company. Take dad to dinner, have a pamper day with mom or cook a meal with a grandparent.

Build Your Bank Account

I’m sure you a few couples who have children and may want to spend some time alone. Offer to baby sit if you like children. Use this day to hustle and gather some coins. 

Gym Night

Take your frustrations out on a good workout. Studies show exercise release endorphins that causes you to feel better and be happy. Put on a charming slogan T, with jazzy leggings and WERK.  You’ll look cute while bettering yourself and feeling great.  Healthy body and a healthy mind #self-care.

Bake Treats

We know Valentine’s Day is secretly about chocolate, desserts and treats Valentine's Day. Look up some recipes on Pinterest and create some treats for yourself.