An Open Letter To The Black Girl Who Doesn't Know They Too ,Have Magic

An Open Letter To The Little Black Girl Who Didn’t Know Her Magic


Growing up I never thought I was beautiful, if I’m allowed to be honest. I knew that I looked like my daddy but who wanted to be told that they looked like their plump and short daddy who rarely smiled and was far from friendly.

People would look at me and then stare at my sister and say, “Oh she’s so beautiful she looks just like Nakia” and it would make me wonder.

Well, is my father ugly?

 I was always the fat person in school.

Not over extra chunky, but I definitely wasn’t wearing a size four like the other girls.

I had rolls on my back and my stomach expanded far beyond my boobs.

But I was me.

I had always been me.

From a tender age of eight, I knew who I was and I knew where I wanted to go in life.

While all of the other children were choosing to be pop stars for Black History, I chose Hariett Tubman.

Why? Because she represented the common person, she was freedom, she was strong and courageous.

She was brilliant, she spoke up for what she believed in.

Much like myself.

As I grew through life, I went through the normal bullshit that most girls went through.

Made friends, lost friends.

Liked boys, hated boys.

Loved my parents, and then turned around and cursed their names.

I did all of those things while still trying to wonder what was it about me that was so different.

Because I knew I was.

I didn’t spend all of my time watching television, surfing the internet, or being out and about.

I found joy hanging with my grandmother and watching the soap operas with her – this was my life up until I was about sixteen years old.

My parents worried about me because I was in the tenth grade still playing with dolls but I really loved those dolls.


Purpose is something that doesn’t really cross your mind until you’re older and you’re realizing that life is slowly passing you by and you don’t know what you’re doing with your time.

Purpose is something that we need but we think that we don’t, because we’re too busy doing this or that with this person or that person.

I’m noticing more and more, girls getting into relationships and discarding their goals, throwing away their priorities and forgetting that they were once focused on discovering their purpose.

Listen Sis, don’t let it be you!

Purpose defines us and sets the path for the rest of our days.

My life wasn’t perfect.

I know people think that it was but it wasn’t.

Yes, I traveled some of everywhere.

Yes, my parents are millionaires.

Yes, we went to private school and we received the best education.

But what does that have to do with anything?

My parents were still humans trying to figure life out themselves.

My mom gets so mad when I tell people that me and my sister raised ourselves but it’s the truth.

They made us so independent at such a young age that when I went to college I didn’t need their help with anything.

I scheduled all of my own tours, handled my sat/act test, applied to schools on my own. I did everything.

My parents were proud and so was I.

But then I went to school and was LOST.

 For four years, I did everything under the sun.


You name it.

I’m sure I did it.

I was this person for so long. I was confused, empty, vulnerable and miserable.

And I know it sounds cliché.

But I found God.


I found God on Youtube in the middle of the night.

 I needed to hear his voice.

I was craving for something new.

And I tried JESUS and my first time trying HIM, He changed my life on Youtube.

I literally have not been the same since then.

This is an open letter to the little girl who doesn’t know that her magic exists.

This is an open letter to the little girl who doesn’t know that she isn’t what they say they are.

This is an open letter to the little girl who is looking and still can’t find who she is or what she’s supposed to be doing with her life.

Black Girl Magic IS what it’s cracked up to be.

It’s sugar and spice, and everything nice.

It’s afro puffs and girl power.

It’s confidence like never before.

It’s grind time, it’s hustle mode, it is ambition.

It’s sprinkles of purpose and praise.

It’s a smile, a joy, a peace, a burst of happiness.

To be with God is a beautiful thing.

So to that girl who is wandering through life, find Jesus.

I can’t stress enough how amazing it is to be able to go to Him whenever I need too.

And I shared with my good friend the other night over dinner, that it’s amazing what technology has done to us Christians.

We don’t even have to get up and go to church anymore lol.

I literally can wake up and pull up my podcast app and get an on-time word.

But don’t get lazy.

Black Girls that have their magic ain’t lazy.

We’re up before the sun and we slaying per usual.

Black Girls are holding themselves accountable and their friends too.

Black Girls are praying and slaying.

Black Girls aren’t twerking on social media because we know that eventually we want more for ourselves and that ain’t cute.

Black Girls ain’t throwing shade, we not kicking people under the bus.

We are lovers and givers.

We are lenders not borrowers.

We are college students.

We are mothers.

We are good friends.

We are role models for the next generation.

Black Girl, I have been where you have been.

I’m a walking testimony and I’m still a work in progress.

I’m discovering my destiny and forever tapping into a purpose that I know nothing about.

Black Girl you can do amazing things if only you trust and believe.

You have to believe in God and then you.

Black Girl keep that head up and in the words of my friend, Sheena.

Don’t ever let that crown TILT