The day she chose herself, and put her first was the best day of her life. It was better then graduating from high school, finishing college, crossing the stage as an Orthodontist, meeting Ramone, marrying her husband, losing her virginity…none of it compared to securing her own happiness.

Jordyn was free.

Still damn married but content.

She loved herself so much and she knew that it was all God, her praying mama and reciting those affirmations everyday.

Jordyn woke up cloud nine and went to sleep even higher off life.

Today was another goal being scratched off the list.

These past two years have been nothing short of lovely.

She finished dentistry school, studied under a few notable dentists, learning all that she could. While doing so, she went back to school and took an accelerated pathway in order to obtain her Master’s in Business Management.

Jordyn also started her own gradate chapter for Delta Sigma Theta, opened a storefront for her interior designs and home goods, and launched a non-profit for foster children. All the while, remaining a devoted member to Culture Curators, and several other clubs she had joined since becoming good friends…best friends, now as they called each other with Maude.

Jordyn wore many hats but her favorite one was MOMMY.

 Ramone was now eleven years old and was taller than his mama.

She was still on his ass about everything but he was growing into his own and Jordyn knew that sooner or later, she would have to loosen her reign on her baby.

Her marriage was a marriage.

She wasn’t cringing at the thought of Nasir nor was she showering him with love and affection.

They still celebrated Valentine’s Day, Christmas, her birthday since he didn’t care about his and their anniversary every year.

 That hadn’t changed.

Every now and then, Nas would come home with some roses and a trinket, reminding her of his love and how it used to be when they first met.

But it would never be the same.

He had did so much damage that Jordyn was over it.

She loved him, loved him more than he loved her but now she loved herself even more.

She chose her.

Jordyn did what she wanted to do when she wanted.

She no longer sat around waiting on him to decide he wanted to go to the movies, take her on a trip or even come to bed at a decent hour.

She had found herself through her pain.

Nasir had stepped over her confidence one too many times and she had reached the point of no return.

She didn’t proclaim her new mindset, he quickly got the picture.

She wasn’t bitter or broken hearted about it, Don’t get it twisted.

She loved her husband he was truly a good man.

But he didn’t know how to love her the way she loved him and she accepted it.

Divorce wasn’t an option, no of course not. She wasn’t leaving Nasir.

At all.

Jordyn valued the importance of family.

And right now, standing to her left and right was all of her family.

Blood related or not, she loved them all the same.

She didn’t want to say anything but when her Pastor handed her the microphone she knew that she needed to tell everyone thank you for coming out and supporting her on her special day.

“Uh, first give thanks to God”

Her mother co-signed, “First and foremost, hallelujah” Jazz was one proud mama today.

 Her baby had opened her own dentist.

Nasir promised her that if she went back to school, he would handle the rest.

And that he did.

The dentistry was located in the heart of New York, the adjoining street was prime real estate.

As a “congratulations” gift outside of handling the bill for the construction and design, he also got her ten billboards around the city.

Jordyn was delighted as he drove her past each one this morning before they headed to the site.

“I want to thank God for everything, every blessing He has bestowed upon me and my family. To my husband, thank you for being you. My baby Ramone I love you everything I do is for you son. My family, my sisters, my mother, my dads I love yall both. To my best friends, Nia and Maude, only yall know the frustrations behind pulling this together even the grand opening was a headache but we are here. To my girls, my other sisters I love yall. My colleagues, sorors, mentees, press and all thank you so much. Please support this black owned business, we need more around the city but until then support this one!” she said in one breath.

Everyone clapped and took pictures.

The Mayor of the city handed her a very large pair of scissors.

And jordyn and ramone together, cut the scissors.

Two security guards that Nasir hired for today’s grand opening, were right behind Jordyn and Ramone but laid low.

To the public world, she was a hard working woman. No one knew outside of family that she was married to a drug lord.

Not even her so-called best friend, Maude.

Jordyn called out to everyone, “come on in take a look around and please eat. It’s tons of food”

Nia and Maude did their thing decorating the dentist for the grand opening, yellow and white balloons were everywhere. In the gift bags, were business cards, a free cleaning coupon, floss and a toothbrush.

The food for the event was catered by someone that owed Maude a favor.

Finger foods, punch and cake.

 The real party was tonight and Jordyn knew nothing about it.

She had been giving Nas the cold shoulder lately and he couldn’t focus when his house wasn’t happy.

Jordyn blamed it on being stressed out but he knew that was bullshit.

She caught his eye and he stared at her which made her stare back and she raised an eyebrow wondering why he was looking at her in that way.

Nasir mouthed, “I love you” and her heart skipped a beat.

Some days she wanted to hate him and then he did romantic shit such as inviting the press to her grand opening, getting advertisings on billboards and showing up on time to the house and with roses.

Nasir knew Jordyn hated when he was late so he made sure he rode with her there.

He knew how to be the perfect husband when he wanted too, but most days he chose to be an asshole.

She smiled but didn’t mouth it back.

Something had changed between the two of them and she didn’t care anymore.