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Exclusive Interview with Underworld member, Sean Carter

“Morning everybody its DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Da God and we are the Breakfast Klub and we got a special guest today in the building, Sean Carter, founding father of The Underworld”

Sean said into the microphone coolly, “Aye man what is that?  I don’t know what that is” he told them.

Chalamagne was ready to dig into his ass, he had notes on top of already seeing the movies, documentaries, reading the books and all things related to The Underworld.

“Come on man, we been following yall ever since Nash dropped a line about the Underworld”

Angela Yee asked, “Did yall like try to haunt him down for doing that?”

Sean told the interviewees, “Nah nah, you know Nash is good peoples, that’s my family”

“Oh yeah cus he’s with Miko, so what happened after the case? Do you still talk to any of them?” Envy wanted to know.

He was contemplating what in the fuck made him do this damn interview.

“You know a lot of shit happened with the lawyers, some of us went to jail and then you know it was a lot of eyebrows raised as to what really happened and most importantly why but I will say that I love everybody, it will always be a lot of respect for my brothers and sisters” he said it in the best way that he could without saying or doing too much.

“SO let me ask you this, how are you handling the rumors surrounding you? Do you feel like you’ve done that much wrong in your life to deserve the hate and ridicule that’s coming your way?”

He shook his head, “I don’t listen or entertain foolishness. People are going to always talk so hey I just continue to do me”

“What are you doing now that the case is behind you?”

“A lot of business moves are being made, I can’t do much cus I’m still on house arrest-

Charlamgne interrupted him, “Let me see your ankle monitor, you might be lying” he laughed.

Sean had no reason to lie, he barely got permission to do what he’s doing right now. He held up the hem of his Balmain jeans and exposed the tracker.

“Is it true that you’re related to Samira, the boss of all bosses?” Angela Yee asked him.

“Damn I feel like I’m on the stand again” Sean admitted.

Everyone in the room busted out laughing.

He asked for a bottle of water, “I should’ve smoked before I came up here” he kept it real.

“Alright so you’re up here to talk about your movie that’s coming soon, tell us about that and whose starring in it” DJ Envy shifted the conversation not wanting him to get up and leave.

It took them months to get a response back from Sean Carter. He had refused any interviews, news coverage and had security around the clock at his home.

Sean wasn’t talking about shit cus it wasn’t nothing to tell.

What happened, had happened.

End of story.

The street life was behind him and for good.

Originally, when everything came to light he planned on beating the case and doing his own thing.

But how was that even possible when you watched the ones you grew up with…from boy to man. The niggas you broke bread with, caught bodies with, took trips with and enjoyed life to the fullest with turn on you in a blink of an eye.

That shit didn’t feel good at all.

And now Sean had trust issues out of the ass, he was done with all of that street stuff.

These new, young, dumb and clueless niggas could have the streets.

He was still a very wealthy man after he paid off everyone he had too and more than anything he was a free man. That meant more to him than the money, honestly.

“So the movie is directed by John Singleton”

Charlamagne chimed in, “THE GOAT”

“Yeah that’s a cool dude right there…he’s directing it me and my man 50 are executive producers, I got the chick from Power to write the script and we just finished up casting calls and we got a solid line up”

“I just have one question, whose playing Papa? He’s my boyfriend in my head” Angela Yee beamed.

Sean thought about how crazy that nigga was and smiled.

“So the cast is Papa is being played by Nipsey Hussle, Demi, his wife is being played by Lauren London, Chi is being played by Jim Jones, we are still looking for a Jade but its most likely going to be Teka Sumpter. Nas is being played by my real life homeboy, Nasir”

“Word? Nas is going to be in this movie?” Envy was so anxious for this to hit the theatres.

“Yeah he hype about it too”

“And whose playing you?” Charlamagne asked.

“T.I. you know we look like brothers” Sean laughed.

The movie had a crazy ass budget and would be shot in between Atlanta, Georgia and New York with a few scenes in Aruba, Fiji, Tahita and Cambodia where the jist of the product was being distributed.

“Oh and what about MJ?” Angela Yee had forgot about her favorite female member of The Underworld.

“Erykah Badu will be playing her…” he said, thinking of something from the past.

Him and MJ had never really had a relationship but right before everything went down, him and her shared a blunt and had a good ass talk about life.

“That’s a real one right there” he told the Breakfast Klub.

“Well my brother we appreciate you coming to talk to us, we heard you been in the house”

“In the house working until they take me off this monitor” he cleared that up.

Sean wasn’t hiding from no one, he wasn’t scared to be out.

He was on house arrest and in the meantime he was putting shit into motion. Mainly the movie.

“Oh yeah I wrote a book! It comes out next week”

DJ Envy joked, “Oh you so like Beyonce dropping shit with no warning”

“Did you write it or you had a ghostwriter?”

“Well I wouldn’t say ghostwriter because I gave shawty her credit, me and her are both from Atlanta. Nako is a legend’”

Angela told him, “We’ve had her up here twice actually. She’s always showing me love on Instagram”

“Yeah she wrote the book in like a week, the girl is a beast. But yeah the book drops next week. Everything yall wanna know, the truth, the lies, the secrets its all in the book”

“What’s the name of it and where can  people get it?”

“Before You Judge Me: The Sean Carter Story, everywhere books are sold”

 The interview ended and Sean stood up to his feet, ready to grab something to eat and head back to the crib.

He had only been granted permission for four hours and couldn’t arrive home any later than that.

“Is that your wife? We’ve never seen any pictures of her? Jackie right?” Angela wasn’t sure.

“All of the other wives were always on the scene but not your wife” she added.

His chest grew tight at the mentioning of her name.

“Nah nah that’s not her”

She saw the weary look on his face, “Oh okay, well thanks for coming by”

Sean took a few pictures with the staff before he and his peoples headed to the elevator.

“What did she ask you?”

“Were you my wife”

“And what did you say?”

“That you wasn’t her”

She watched him battle something in his mind but she didn’t say anything.

 Knowing when to talk and when to listen and also, when to give him his space was something that she knew how to do well.

So she remained silent, holding his hand as they were guided into the back of an Escalade.

His cell phone rung and the screen read, Nako.

“Yo” he answered on the second ring.

“Why are we almost ten thousand pre-orders sold” she screamed into the phone, happily.

“Guess the interview was a good idea”

“Yep, I’ll be monitoring sales all week and will text you with an update”


On the real, Sean didn’t do the book for monetary gain, the book was going to be his way to tell his story.

His side.

His truth.

“I can’t wait to read the book” she told him as she put her seatbelt on.

“Me too baby”

Before You Judge: The Sean Carter Story drops next week!