By KaShonna


“Life's a bitch.” – Nas, Illmatic


Hard lives make for good soldiers with hard heads and strong shoulders. Most experience way more hardships than we deserve. Sometimes it's karma, consequences from bad choices, or just a series of events crushed and blended into a smoothie that's forced down our throats. It either made you better or it made you worse.

Bad luck, bad relationships, and bad times, we can't change it. Instead we need to become the perfect PR and marketing manager for our lives. How we hold and view ourselves, experiences will shape our lives and every one we come in contact with. It’s up to us to spin the experiences in a way that markets our talents, improves our strengths and finds positivity in our weaknesses.

Bad times, people and relationships are catalysts for growth and development. We bend and we might break but we must love ourselves enough to not dwell in that place. We must decide (daily because scars only fade they don't disappear) that these situations did not break me. We must decide we are deserving of good times and good people.

Affirming that we are worthy. We are significant. We have purpose. We matter. We are worth good, unconditional love. We didn't deserve the bad that happened to us but we are going to spin the hell out of it.

Going through the tunnel, focused on finding the light, we don't realize there's a whole world outside and around that tunnel that's working for our good. Things are lining up and happening so that when we get to the end, everything has been worked out.  The air will be fresher, the breeze cooler and the sky bluer.

That tunnel hurt like hell; it crippled you, took away your senses and your common sense but you got to the end. That catalyst is meant to be a conversation starter that changes your life. That catalyst blessed somebody who is going to bless you.

We affirm and love ourselves back to the land of the whole and healed. We bear hugged ourselves and filled in the voids and missing spaces. Healing. We have pep in our step again, doing the damn thing. Singing happily with the music loud and dancing as if no one is watching. That bastard didn't break me.

Good things start happening and it blows our minds. We’re floating and dreaming, don't want to be awakened or pinched.  Everything that we have been wanting and praying for is coming to fruition.

So why do we self sabotage, thinking and believing it’s too good to be true? Why do we essentially tell ourselves, “No, this is too good, it can't be for me”? Why do we overthink and toss everything we affirmed and conditioned ourselves to believe, out the window?

We just went through an ordeal. We went through the storm and we’re still standing when the sun shined again. We made it. So why don't we deserve the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Why don't we deserve the reward?

We sacrificed. We hurt. We endured. So why is it so hard to believe we deserve good things and people?

If that's the first place your mind goes when we get something good, imagine how it is when the bad happens…..

True healing = Faith

Faith you will make it.

Faith in yourself.

Faith in the way you love and care for yourself and others.

Faith that you are a good person and you deserve goodness.

Faith knowing you did your best.

Faith in your transformation.

Faith in your healing.

Know your worth and add tax, it's not too good to be true!

You deserve it!