In The Wild

In The Wild.

Disclaimer: This Passport stamp may reach and resonate with you and if it does, then that’s great. When writing is therapy. Read at your own risk!

Last night I had the pleasure of finally seeing the beautiful, the anointed, the amazingly, highly spirited Sarah Jakes Roberts. Okay, first let me brag on my sis real quick. So, I’ve been listening to SJR before she was SJR, when she was a single mother in her early 20s, trying to find her way. I used to stay up all night looking for content that included her during my sophomore year in college. Last night to see her growth, man, I was moved to tears. I feel like I’ve seen her level up and I’m so proud of her.

Me and my friends who I’m so thankful for. Jesus Lord, God showed out when He sent me my tribe. I was telling someone that I prayed for like-minded friends, I seriously cried out for people that were mine, people that could keep me accountable, have fun with and create memories and more importantly to have a relationship with Christ and last night, as we praised God together and cried out. I was reminded of what was once a prayer and to see it come to fruition was a humbling moment. I’m grateful for being there with them. Grateful for the spirit of friendship and a growing sisterhood.

Okay so, the sermon last night was good. Real GOOD. It’s so good that I woke up this morning and cried some more. LOL. I’m spending this weekend by myself. Through Sarah, God sent some clear messages to me and I need to adhere to His will. For once and for all. Can’t keep playing with God, my life is in His hands.

What was even more on time was that Sarah said in the middle of altar call, “Someone out there is trying to tap in but you feel like you always go back. Tonight, you’re not going back. You are going to hold on to this Word and walk towards the light.”

Chile, listen I almost fell out.

I grew up in church but if I’m allowed to be honest with you, I struggle with staying on the right path. I know the Word and can pray you under a rug but I slide back and forth with living right. I know what God has promised me. I hear His voice clearly and so when Sarah said that it was like the dam broke and God told me to stop playing and get my act together.

I was trying so hard to capture all of the words that I had to tell myself to put the pen down and actually savor the sermon for myself, but I was able to jot down a few things:

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

Your anointing is NOT under attack any more.

Plant the seed and watch it grow.

You aren’t the seed, you are the soil.

Can’t ask God to bless your purpose when you’re still attached to your comfort.

Your seed pushes darkness back.

I feel so good about myself right now and if you know you, know… that sometimes we thought we’ll never see the day, where we can get out of bed and press on towards greater. I was in the wilderness for real. I’m talking about praying to God for just some strength to down the steps, to leave my dark and cold room. To turn my phone back on and check back into reality for a few seconds. But I came out of the wild. And I’m good. I’m having better days, I’m sleeping through the night and the devil is no longer chasing behind me and my mind with a pitch fork. I prayed too hard to go back to anything that broke me and so I pray that you that’s reading this feels the exact same way. I want to encourage you if you’ll allow me too, I want you to know that you won’t be in the wild forever. Run Out!


2019 is starting off…pretty decent. I can feel the seasons changing, time passing, things are shifting and for the most part, I’m ready for whatever God has for me.

I’ve been praying a very specific prayer.

Your Will, Your way, God. Your way and only your way. God, lead my feet down the path that you’ve already pre-destined for me. Less of me and more of you. God fill me up with your everlasting grace and mercy.

This has been my prayer.

I think once we realize that everything we go through, whether good or bad, it all collectively teaches us something, then and only then will we sort of relax and let things happen organically. Even the things that we do not understand.

Sarah preached about beng in the Wild and being the soil...and for me, it was right on time because Lord knows I’ve been in the wild for far too long. Mentally, my mind has ran rampant. I’m an over-thinker. I over-analyze every simply thing, every situation, conversation, next step…it all has to be processed a million times before I can accept that it is either happening or going to happen. my therapist said that I have anxiety…bad.

And I ain’t told her otherwise.

In The Wild…

Sometimes, on the journey to success or not even success…shoot, let’s just say on the journey to finding a peace of mind, being content, letting Go and letting God, or happiness…. it can sometimes feel like we are running in the Wild…running away from some stuff or people.

One of the hardest things I think in life for any person is to step out of their comfort zone enough to trust God. It’s called having faith. Faith is the evidence of things seen or unseen.

It’s hard to have faith.

It’s so hard, especially when you don’t have a clear view of where you’re going I haven’t seen the movie Birdbox but I’ve seen enough memes to get the picture and my Apostle taught on it as well.

With the blindfolds on, running through the Wild –that’s how some of us are right now.

I want to encourage you to keep running through YOUR wilderness because it’s joy on the other side of that pain.

And maybe, for you, it isn’t any pain, maybe it’s a clearer view of your life, or your year or maybe you just need confirmation that the route you’re taking is going to lead you somewhere. That you’ll end up happy and successful. Whatever it is, keep going.

Do not give up.

The Wild was created as a test. A test for you to endure what you need to endure so that you can fight the battle and win.

In the wild, I’ve discovered some truths about myself. I’ve answered the hard questions, dealt with demons that were tucked away a while back and I’ve faced myself in the mirror. When you want better for yourself you’ll do the necessary work, whether it feels good or not. You’ll do what you have to do to get where you want.

Sister Sarah encouraged us to strive towards the mark of excellence.

Buried dreams are being dug up. You are who you said you are.

You will accomplish those goals.

You’ll write the book.

You’ll start the family.

You’ll travel the world.

You’ll do all those amazing things that you want to do.

But you have to come out the wild first.

Once you let of old mindsets and habits, you’ll prosper. I can almost guarantee it.

Some of us want these magnificent things to happen to us but don’t wanna do the work. Listen, it doesn’t work that way.

As I close, I want to leave you with this affirmation to recite twice day until you are out of your wild and trust me you’ll know when you’ve climbed out of the jungle. Everything about you will feel easier, lighter. Those burdens and baggage that once weighed you down will be gone. Trust me.


I know that this season of my life isn’t permanent.

I decree and declare that a fresh oil falls on me as I step out of this wilderness.

I affirm that new opportunities are waiting on me.

I believe that my best days are ahead of me and not behind me.

I encourage myself and others to rejoice because the wilderness will not keep me bound.

I affirm that I am walking into new territory.

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