nako ruled the world


When you have your eye on the prize, any little thing will try to come and knock you off your square. Mayor Antwon Young, former hot boy in the city of Atlanta, Georgia has his eyes on a bigger prize… becoming the President of the United States. Antwon has never let his past define his future or his goals, yet he will never forget where he has come from. Ella, a soft-spoken college student by day and dancer by night captures Antwon’s attention, and he doesn’t know how to handle it.

Antwon has always done things by the book, careful not to ruin his perfect image in the eyes of financial supporters who will one day fund his dreams of living in the White House.

Ella comes in and allows his mind and heart to travel places it has never been before.

Will Antwon let the pole distract him from politics? Or will he walk away from the only real thing he has ever known just to chase his dreams? 



In the finale of the coming of age story, “If We Ruled the World: An Atlanta Love Affair,” Mayor Antwon Maurice Young begins his journey to the White House– finally a lifelong dream is no longer a thought. As Antwon chases down his aspirations, he considers himself blessed to have his beautiful and headstrong fiancé Ella Sullivan holding his hand with pride. 

The two young ambitious moguls in the making grow and pray together as they mold each other into becoming a power couple. 

Trials and tribulations arise but because their union is solid, nothing can come against them. Antwon’s presidential campaign is ran with an iron fist. 

Readers are invited on the wild yet motivating ride to The White House, it was John F. Kennedy that said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” 

It wouldn’t be too many years later before generations would be quoting the great Antwon Young as well.


In “untitled”, what do you do when love is evolved from a very sticky situation; Paper is on the run from New York City and lands himself in the Dirty South…. In order to save his life and his family he has to capture the mind and heart of Evelyn “E-Money” Houston. What Paper thinks will be an easy job turns out to be extremely difficult. Evelyn is not one for games and can spot a rat a mile away.

Paper soon finds his way behind the chamber that holds her heart and no longer cares about the threats in New York.

Big G, Evelyn’s father is a legend in the streets of Atlanta and will go to war about his three daughters, Elise, Gabrielle and Evelyn. Evelyn serves as his right hand and moneymaker, any distractions that come her way G is quick to dead them.

In this riveting series, love is challenged, expressed and felt through every page. Evelyn is faced with choosing between the loyalty to the streets or being happy for once? Will Paper end up dying for her love? Will G be forced to let go of his baby girl? In “untitled” the war of love is fought.


What would you do if the one you love possibly betrayed you? Is forgiveness even an option? How does the words, “I’m sorry” make you feel  when you’ve been lied to for so long? In Love in the Ghetto II, Evelyn is forced to choose between the man she gave her heart too and the father who taught her that love will get you killed.

Evelyn is confused, worried and full of anxiety with her back against the wall, she’s left with no choice but to choose between family and happiness.

Love in the Ghetto II, goes beneath the surface to exploit the real meaning of finding love in these cold-hearted streets. Evelyn is a gangstress, true enough, but the four letter word means more to her than she cares to admit. She refuses to give herself away all in the name of living happily ever after. In part II, questions will be answered identities just may be revealed, but the mystery still remains unsolved. 


Coco was the “dopeboy’s girlfriend”, you know the one you’re used to reading about. She had no ambition, morals or standards. She was the typical, loud-mouth, gold-teeth having, blond weave wearing, six inch heels and finger nails woman. Her passion for life and becoming a better person or mother for her child was nonexistent. Coco lived life to the fullest, every single day, seven days a week.

Once her man goes to jail, and the money runs out, the friends she thought she had and his business partners are no longer their. Coco is forced to have an epiphany about life and soon she learns that depending on a man was never cute or acceptable.

Five years later, Chanel formally known in the hood as Coco is climbing her way to the top of the corporate ladder. Her past life is behind her and she is enjoying her new surroundings, friends, and lifestyle.

No, she isn’t wearing Gucci and Prada again but she’s comfortable in her new threads. The first man she ever loved and gave her heart too, has been released from Federal Prison and the only thing on his mind is COCO. Coco no longer exists, and no matter how much Chanel wants to put that life behind her, love has a stronghold on her like she never thought.

Take a wild ride into the corporate life of Chanel Cavett, she was the female you thought you had already knew, but you’re in for a rude awakening. A lesson learned is a lesson learned, and only a fool will make the same mistake twice. 


Farren Walters didn’t know whose presence she entered when she met her soon to be husband. She was unaware of his lifestyle. A man of his caliber was way out of her reach, yet he chose her anyway. Christian Knight was a man that people only dreamed about in their sleep. Petty hustlers admired him off the strength of stories they heard in the hood. You could walk past Christian Knight in the mall and not know that he was “The Connect." Real men moved in silence. Wealth is quiet, rich is flashy. Christian Knight was more than a man that supplied the streets with the work. He was a mogul, a self-made billionaire who found comfort, peace and joy in the arms of Farren, a woman almost ten years younger than he was. Many people never expected him to settle down or to be so open with his affection. Despite what he heard about her, he chose her to wear his last name and to become, “The Connect’s Wife."


What goes up must come down & two wrongs never seem to make a right. Does love have a time limit? Is it meant to last forever or expire? Farren Knight woke up one morning the happiest wife in the world, but by nightfall she went to bed one bitter bitch.

In The Connect's Wife 2, take another wild ride into the lives of the Knights. After the power couple said "I do," what happened? Where did they go wrong? Will Christian ever discover who the men are in black? Will Farren stick by her husband's side till death to them part? Or will Asia come in & steal her happiness?


In The Connect’s Wife III, Farren Knight is back, mind made up and ready to put the pieces of her broken puzzle back together. After giving her all, literally her all to keep her marriage intact she walks away. Christian Knight will soon realize that the grass was never greener on the other side, and his dream woman was a nightmare after all. Is Asia behind the madness? Will Greg ever marry Courtney or will she die fighting for his love? Does Farren heart still belong to Dice after all of these years? Will her mother ever tell her the truth about her estranged father? In The Connect’s Wife III secrets will be revealed, family ties are broken and new relationships are built. Farren Knight will learn it’s the ones closest to you that are set out to kill, steal and destroy. After crawling back to her roots, she will learn that her family never stopped loving her even though she stopped loving them. Will she give Jonte her heart? Or has Christian ruined her forever? Love doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t make you cry. Don’t let the pretty face and the crocodile tears fool you. Farren Knight is back to remind you who the REAL Connect Wife is and what she is all about. 


Love is extremely complicated. How in the world is Christian Knight controlling Farren’s mind and heart from a prison cell? He’s in her dreams, her nightmares and even with her in the shower. Farren attempts to stay strong and move on with the “love” of her life, Jonte. But somehow, someway, Christian Knight is lurking in the shadows. 

Farren seems to never be able to see through the bull, because of course love causes a person to turn a blind eye to foolishness.  Will Farren become The Connect and Jonte the keeper of the house? 

Farren seriously needs to make up her mind. Will she allow resentment and redemption to swallow her whole, or will she let the thought of her and Christian Knight being married forever keep her from experiencing true love? 

Farren Knight or Farren Rivers, which last name will it be….


In The Connect’s Wife V, Farren Knight isn’t the same loving and caring woman we all have grown to love, in fact her heart has been filled with bitterness and a little anger.

Farren skates her way to the top of The Cartel with one mission on her mind. KILL. There is one person whose blood she wants on her hands, and it’s not who you think it is…

In The Connect’s Wife V, be prepared to go through a plethora of emotions as The Connect’s Wife series comes to an end.